What is top menu and how can I customize it?

Top menu is a place for your favourite or most frequently used GetResponse tools. You can choose up to 3 of them. Thanks to customizing it, you will be able to navigate to the desired place with just one click.

By default, top menu consists of Contacts, Email Marketing and Reports tabs, but you can easily adjust them to your liking.

How can I customize my top menu?

  1. Go to Tools > Customize top menu.
  1. You will see the Customize top menu popup.

You will be able to:

  • Remove tools from top menu by clicking on the cross icon to the right of the tool that you want to remove.
  • Add a new tool from the drop-down list by clicking on the Select tool to pin option.
  • Change the order of the tools in top menu by clicking the three horizontal lines to the left of a given tool, then dragging and dropping it into the desired place.
  1. When you are ready with the settings, click the Save settings button.