What is the GetResponse Social Ads Creator app? How to use it?

GetResponse Social Ads Creator is a new mobile app created by GetResponse Development Team. It lets you create simple template-based animations or images – called posts – that you can then share on your social media.

You can use GetResponse Social Ads Creator for a variety of purposes:

  • Got a discount you’d like to announce to your Facebook Group?
  • Want to promote a special offer in your store?
  • Got a new product on the shelves and want to show it off?
  • Or maybe you’re developing some new content and want to build excitement for it with a “Coming soon” type teaser?
  • Do you want to share regular posts with tips or messages to build a positive relationship with your followers?

GetResponse Social Ads Creator is a great way to communicate all of that and more through simple, elegant graphics that will catch your audience’s eye more effectively than a text post. They’re quick to make and share, which makes them a convenient tool when you need a low-effort but effective ad. You can add descriptions to each post if you need to include extra text to clarify anything. Those descriptions can include hashtags, so your post can reach even bigger audiences and entice new followers.

How can I use GetResponse Social Ads Creator?

To start using the app:

  1. Log in to create an account or connect with your GetResponse account. This allows you to save your work and use it later in your social media.
  2. Add social media profiles to your account.
  3. Create your first post and share it.