What is the difference between a plain text message and an HTML message?

HTML gives you the option to add color, change the font, add images and videos, and include hyperlinks in your message. Message editor gives you the option to use one of our many pre-formatted HTML templates, each of which can be customized, or create an HTML message starting from scratch.

Plain-text messages are more to the point, without the distraction of colors, fonts, and clickable hyperlinks. When creating an HTML message, GetResponse creates its plain text version automatically for those who may not be able to view the HTML version. Depending on your business, type of customers, and message content, you may find that one format converts better than the other.

In the new editor the Plain-text version is generated automatically based on your HTML message.

Legacy Editor

Why do you suggest creating a Plain Text version of my HTML messages?

Some subscribers may use an email program that does not handle HTML. Or they may view the email from a mobile device.
The Plain Text can be added to all HTML messages, to give subscribers more than one way to view your messages. The Plain Text content can differ from your HTML message if you wish. However, you can save time in editing mode by clicking Automatic plain text message in Create step, where you can preload the text.
You can locate that option in the bottom left corner of the screen.