What is a website bandwidth limit?

A bandwidth limit is the amount of data we can send to your website visitors. It is refreshed every 30 days.

The number of websites you have doesn’t affect the limit in any way.

How does the limit work?

When someone opens your website, we send them the page’s content data, like images, text, and the page’s code.

All that data has a certain size, and the amount of that shared data is bandwidth. The limit means that your website can be opened as many times as it takes to reach the total size of 5GB of shared data.

Can I track the current bandwidth usage?

You can check how much transfer is left for the current 30 days cycle in Menu > Website Builder.

What happens with my page after the limit is used?

If the website reaches the monthly bandwidth limit, we show this page under your website URL until the limit is refreshed.

How can I unblock the website after I reach the limit?

The bandwidth limit will refresh every 30 days, counting from the account’s activation date.

If you would like to use your website with a higher limit or without such limits, you can upgrade to a higher plan.

Click here to learn more about upgrading your account.

The bandwidth limit in GetResponse plans:

  • Free: 5 GB
  • Email Marketing: 10 GB
  • Marketing Automation: unlimited
  • Ecommerce Marketing: unlimited