What are quick transactional emails and what can I use them for? Video

Before you begin:

  • transactional emails can be sent both to subscribers that are on your list in GetResponse and to customers who are not subscribed, as they are not marketing emails. For customers who are not on your GetResponse list, transactional emails will still work, you just won’t see them on your list.
  • if you already send transactional emails through other services, you should consider turning them off in order to avoid sending duplicated messages to your clients.

Quick transactional emails are automatic messages triggered by your customers’ actions. The design process is similar to the process of creating newsletters. We offer predesigned templates for each type of your quick transactional email, which you can further customize to better suit your needs.

GetResponse allows you to create two types of quick transactional emails:

However, due to the nature of quick transactional emails, you will be unable to include the following elements into the content of your message:

  • personalization
  • footer with an unsubscribe link
  • dynamic content links
  • custom HTML block
  • your saved custom blocks.