What are Quick replies in GetResponse Chats?

The Quick replies feature allows you to define a shortcut and write a longer message under that shortcut. Quick replies help you speed up the conversation. 

How can I create a quick reply?

  1. Go to Menu and select Chats.
Menu and Chats shown.
  1. Select Quick replies and click on the Create quick reply button.
Quick replies tab and Create quick reply button shown.
  1. Create quick reply window will open. Type your shortcut and message and click on the Create button.
Create quick reply window shown.

Your quick replies will be saved under the Quick replies tab. You can edit and delete them. Click on the action menu (vertical ellipsis) and click on Edit or Delete.

Action menu, Edit and Delete actions shown.

You will also see when the last update of a given quick reply was done and how many times it was used during chats. 

Quick reply Updated on and Uses columns shown.

How can I send a quick reply on chat?

  1. Go to Active chats and click on a given chat. 
  2. Click on the Quick replies icon under the Send reply in chat window.
Quick replies icon shown.

This will open a list of your quick replies for you to select.

In the chat window, you can also type slash /, and after slash type the first letters of a shortcut. For example, /Than and this will let quickly search for a given quick reply. The quick replies list is dynamically filtered. 

Using slash for quick replies shown.