Scoring affiliate contacts

Scoring affiliate contacts lets you identify your leads based on the level of their engagement. It automatically adds or subtracts score for your contacts’ activity, such as email opens, clicks, or list signups. It continues to adjust their score based on how often they do the action you’re scoring them on.

Template overview

Category: Affiliate marketing
Elements in template: 4
Minimum number of elements to configure: O (The template can be published as a workflow using the preset properties.)

Here’s what you’ll need to configure the elements and publish the template as a workflow:

  • a scheduled message that will trigger the scoring system when people click on the link to the offer
  • a scoring strategy. You’ll be tracking how engaged your contacts are, so you should come up with a plan how many points you want to add or subtract based on their behavior. We provide you with suggested values but you can adjust according to your needs.

Configuring the template

You can save the template using the preset properties. If you want to make any changes, click an element to open its Properties tab. Here’s what you can do:

  1. The Subscribed via condition is preset to any list and any method. You can modify the settings to better suit your needs. Use the drop-downs to narrow it down by list and method.
  2. The Link opened? condition is preset to any newsletter/any link. You can narrow it down to a specific message/any link setting or a specific message/specific link setting.
  3. In the Score actions, adjust the number of points you want to add or remove based on clicks or no clicks.
  4. Click Save and publish when you’re done setting up the template or Save and exit if you want to finish editing the template later (it will appear as a draft on the Manage workflows page).