How do I create and share a post in GetResponse Social Ads Creator?

GetResponse Social Ads Creator lets you create simple template-based animations or images – called posts– that you can share on your social media. Use them to promote your seasonal deals, temporary promotions or to simply wish your followers a good week.

What types of posts can I make?

You can choose between two types of posts:

  1. Animation: a gif-like moving image. Animation posts can come in two types:
  • single picture (with optional text),
  • a short sequence of pictures.

    Note: the animation style comes with the template and you can’t edit it.

    2. Image: a static picture with optional text, without animations.

How can I create a post?

There are 3 methods to create a new post:

  1. From scratch.
  2. From GetResponse Autofunnel products (only if you’re logged in with your GetResponse account).
  3. From template.
How do I create a post from scratch?

  1. Tap on the Create icon in the middle of the menu at the bottom.
  2. Select Start from scratch.
  3. Under text, click the + icon to add the text you would like to see in your post. You can add up to 3 different texts.
  4. Under images, click + to add images you’d like to use in your post. You can use up to 6 different images.
  5. Once you’re ready, click Let’s start to view the templates you can use. We will automatically populate our premade templates with your text and images.
  6. Tap on the template you like to get into the editor.
  7. Inside the editor, tap on each element to edit it. Learn more about the editing options in GetResponse Social Ads.
  8. Once your post is ready, tap the Share icon to go to the next stage, or save it as a draft by exiting the editor.
  9. Choose if you want to share the post as animation or an image.
  10. (optional) By tapping the Action icon (vertical ellipsis) you can save your post as a draft, to your phone, or Multimedia Studio in your GetResponse account.
    Saving to multimedia studio.
  11. Enter a post title (for your own reference, your audience won’t see it).
  12. Enter a post text for up to 280 characters (optional) to use as a caption for your post. The text can also include hashtags.
    If you decide to add text to your post, you can add the following elements:
  • Marketing slogan – for posts created from scratch and for all autofunnel types.
  • Link to landing page – for posts created using all autofunnel types.
  • Product description – for posts created using a sales autofunnel.

    13. Choose your social media profiles, and tap Share. You’re done!

If you haven’t added your social media accounts at this stage, the app will display Manage social media account button instead of Share. It will take you to the Social media accounts page to add your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles.
Learn more on how to integrate your social media profiles with GetResponse Social Ads Creator.

How do I create a post using GetResponse Autofunnel?
Before you begin

Log in with your GetResponse account.
You need to have at least one autofunnel created in your account. Supported autofunnels are Sales and List building autofunnels.

In this method, to create a post:

  1. Tap on the Create icon in the middle of the menu at the bottom.
  2. Tap GetResponse Autofunnel.
  3. Select the autofunnel from which we will download your products. For list building

    funnels we don’t download products.

  4. Tap on the template you like to get into the editor.

Repeat steps 6 till 13 from the section How do I create a post from scratch?.

How do I create a post from a template?
To create a new post from template:

  1. Tap on the Templates link at the bottom of the dashboard.
    You’ll see the template menu. You can view templates in a single column or in two columns by tapping the column icon (above the gallery).

    Note: You can sort the available templates by Newest, Popular, or by theme. You can also search for specific templates by tapping the magnifying glass icon. Type in the keyword to search by, or choose from one of the suggested hashtags in the drop-down menu.
  2. Tap on the template you like to get into the editor.

Repeat steps 6 till 13 from the section How do I create a post from scratch?.

Can I check how my post is doing?

Once your post is shared, you can keep track of how it’s performing. This will give you useful feedback on whether or not your posts are catching the eye and resonating with audiences. If the responses seem lukewarm, this might be a signal to adjust your marketing strategy.

To check your statistics, go to the Posts section and look at the Shared gallery. Under each shared post, you will see performance stats.

Tap the post to see detailed statistics. These include:

  • number of likes and comments for Facebook Pages and Groups,
  • number of likes and retweets for Twitter,
  • number of likes and comments on Instagram.


Facebook doesn’t allow external apps like GetResponse Social Ads Creator to pull statistics directly from your personal Facebook profile, so you need to check the post statistics for Facebook in your personal Facebook account.
Additionally, GetResponse Social Ads Creator doesn’t show who exactly interacted with your posts, or the comments on your posts. To check the detailed performance of your shared posts, open your social media apps and check the posts directly in your profiles.