How can I manage my posts in GetResponse Social Ads Creator?

In GetResponse Social Ads Creator you have a lot of options when it comes to managing your posts. You can save them as drafts, save them to your phone or Files and images, reuse them, or delete them. These options make it easier for you to run your social media campaigns directly from your phone.

Can I save my post without sharing it?

Yes, you can save your post without sharing. If you’re not ready to share your post right away, you can save it as a draft. Remember you need to be logged in to save posts.

To save a post as a draft:

1. On Android, in the editor press the back button on your device to exit the editing screen without sharing the post. On iOS, press the x icon at the top of the editor.

2. This brings up a pop-up asking you whether you’d like to save your post as a draft. Tap yes.

The post will appear in your Posts gallery in the Drafts section.

Learn more about editing your posts.

Can I save a post to GetResponse Files and images?

If you’re logged in using your GetResponse account, you can also save your post to Files and images.

To save the graphic to your Files and images while editing:

After you select if you want share the post as an animation or image, tap the Action icon (vertical ellipsis). Select Save in GetResponse Files.

Saving to multimedia studio.

To save the graphic to your Files and images after publishing:

You can save the graphic when you see the success screen confirming your post has been shared. There you will be able to select a checkbox if you want to save this design to your Files and images.

saving to multimedia studio.

To save the graphic to your Files and images from shared posts or drafts:

Go to Posts and then:
– On Shared tap the post to open the menu and tap the save in GetResponse Files icon visible below the graphic.
– On Drafts tap the save in GetResponse Files icon visible below the graphic.

Saving to multimedia studio.

Your files will be saved to a folder called SocialAds in Files and images.

Can I save a post directly to my phone?

You can do that on the Pro package or when you’re logged in using GetResponse.

To save a post to your phone:
1. Go to your Posts gallery
2. Tap the download icon under the post you wish to save. In the Shared section, you need to first tap the post to open the menu.

Downloading post.

GetResponse Social Ads Creator will ask you for permission to save files on your device. Make sure to allow it to be able to save the post.

How do I re-use a post?

To re-use a post you already shared:

1. Tap the Posts tab.

2. Find the post you want to re-use in the Shared gallery and tap it.

3. Tap the elements on the post to edit it.

4. Once you’re ready with your post, tap Share to go to the next stage.

5. Select if you want to share an animation or an image.

6. Enter a name for your post (for your own reference, your audience won’t see it).

7. Enter a short text for up to 280 characters (optional) to use as a caption for your post. The text can also include hashtags.

8. Click the + icon to add social media to which you want to send the post.

9. Click Post it to share the post.

How do I delete a post?

You can delete posts if you go to Posts to view your gallery of Shared posts or Drafts.
In Shared tap the post to open the menu. In Drafts the menu will be open by default.

Under the post, you will see a trash bin icon. Tap it to delete a post from your gallery.


If you already shared a post, you can delete it from your GetResponse Social Ads Creator account, but that doesn’t mean that the post will disappear from your social media profiles. To delete a post from your social media, you will need to open your social media apps and delete the posts from inside your profiles.