How do I use “Delete from stage”?

Delete from stage lets you automatically remove deals from a specific stage within a pipeline. Use it to clear the pipeline of any deals that you no longer want to pursue.

Here’s how to set up Delete from stage:

1. Drag and drop the element into the workspace.
2\ Go to the Properties tab.
3. Select the pipeline, and then choose which stage to delete the deals from. You have a few options here:

  • Select Any stage to delete all the contacts who are anywhere in the pipeline.
  • Select Any open stage to delete only the open deals.
  • Select Any closed stage to delete the deals in a Lost, Won, or Frozen (if used) stage.
  • Select Specific stage and then select the stage name to narrow down the action to only one stage.

4. (Optional) Set the element to Run multiple times if you know that you have the same contact assigned to multiple deals in this pipeline. This will allow the same contact to pass through this element more than once. (Be sure to enable Run multiple times in the remaining elements used in the workflow alongside this element.)