How do I use Add to pipeline?

The Add to pipeline action adds contacts to a selected open stage in a specific pipeline when they become a good fit for your sales offer. It lets you combine marketing automation and CRM to increase conversion and sell more products. For example, you can build a workflow that tracks the behavior of your existing contacts – e.g link clicks, purchases, or site visits. If your contacts click certain links or make specific purchases, they are automatically qualified as a deal opportunity. Note: This element is available only in Plus and Professional accounts.

Before you begin, be sure to create the pipeline to which you want to add the contacts (you can take this shortcut to get to the pipeline editor).

Configuring Add to pipeline

Let’s say you have an online store selling fresh organic food. You want to start selling a food subscription box service to all customers who spend $100 or more on their purchase. You’ve built a pipeline Food subscription box and now want to build a workflow that will help you start qualifying contacts as deal opportunities. For this, you need two elements: the Purchase condition and the Add to pipeline action. After you’ve set up Purchase, you’ll need to:

  1. Drag and drop Add to pipeline to the workspace.
  2. Go the Properties tab.
  3. Expand the drop-down lists to select the pipeline and stage to which the qualifying contacts should be added. Once you do that, additional options to set up the deals in the pipeline become available.
  4. Enter the information that will help you identify your deals:

a. Label (required). Enter a name for a deal opportunity these contacts represent – for example, “monthly fruit delivery”.
b. Close by (optional). Pick a day by which you’d like to close the deal.
c. Account manager (optional). If you have a dedicated sales person, you can enter their name.
d. Deal value (optional). This can be your projected profit from the deal.

That’s it. You’ve set up Add to pipeline. To finish building the workflow, connect Add to pipeline to Purchase and click Save and exit.

With both Purchase and Add deal you have the option to add contacts to the pipeline with every repeat purchase by enabling Run multiple times in both elements. However, it can create multiples of the same deal for the same contact.