I received an email that a contact was added to a list, but I can’t see them

If you received a new contact notification email and you’re unable to see the contact on your list, please check the solutions below.

Are you viewing the correct list?

Double check to make sure that the list mentioned in the notification email matches the name of the list that you’re viewing in your account.

Is the contact active or inactive?

Check your Inactive contacts lists. The contact may have been removed, bounced, or they might have unsubscribed since the notification went out.

  • The email address may have ended up in the Bounced list if you’re sending out an automatic message to them when they subscribe with single opt-in.
  • It’s possible that the contact’s email provider rejected the automated message, which would list the contact as a Bounce.
  • The email address may have ended up in the Removed list if they unsubscribed.

Was the contact removed by an automation workflow?

If you have any active Automation workflows, check if any of them are set to remove a contact, or move it to a different list after subscribing.

Still not working?

Our Customer Success Team will be happy to help. Make sure you have the following information on hand to speed things along:

  • the email address of the subscriber mentioned in the notification email you received
  • the name of the list they were added to