How to fix a stale email list?

Have you ever wondered if each and every contact you have in your account for years is still interested in getting emails from you? Are their interests and mailing expectations the same as they were a year ago? Or have you ever felt anxious about uploading your old list to a new platform, afraid of a negative response? It’s highly possible that if you don’t email them for a while, your contacts simply forget they have ever signed up to your list. Their email address may go invalid, or their preferences might change. Emailing such lists after a longer while may seriously hurt your statistics (via the unsubscribe, bounce, and spam complaint rate). It can also influence subscriber engagement in general. In the most extreme cases, it can even affect your GetResponse account status.

Generally, the action that you should take will depend on the current status of your list.

Your list has recorded low engagement on your previous platform, and you’re about to import it to your GetResponse account

In this case, we recommend that you identify and remove non-engaged contacts.

Most often, apart from products and services that aren’t consumed or purchased in a very time-specific manner, inactive contacts are those contacts who didn’t show any engagement in your communication in about 3-6 months. Don’t import those contacts to your new GetResponse account. Low list engagement affects your account performance and inbox placement.

At GetResponse, we charge you for the total number of contacts in your list, so why would you keep the email addresses that don’t open your messages or click the links? This will help you to not only avoid a list extension fee, but also to build your account reputation from the very beginning.

Your GetResponse list is showing signs of list fatigue

This usually means that the open and click ratio is low. You may also notice a growing bounce and unsubscribe rate. In this case, we recommend the following:

Reengage your list

A reconfirmation campaign is the best way to tackle the issue with your list going stale. It will help you get rid of dead weight. Learn more about how you can run a reconfirmation campaign.

Don’t let your list go stale and maintain regular mailings

One of the best ways to keep your email database up to date is simply to email people, so use our tips to achieve this goal. When you use GetResponse to email your contacts with regular offers, we will process any bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints for you. Be consistent and repeat this process from time to time. It will only pay off in the future. There is no standard frequency for sending emails because it depends on many factors. However, our best suggestion is to do it at least 2 times a year.