How to track forms conversion on my website?

Check which forms convert to the most new contacts and messages from your visitors.

To open the website statistics, go to Website builder.

In the website overview, scroll down and select the time frame for the statistics and select which page(s) you want to check.

You can preview traffic generated by all or just specific devices and countries.

Click on the Forms and popups tab.

General performance

View the overall website conversion statistics.
Hover over the graph to see statistics for a particular day.

  • Views
    The number of times your forms and popups were shown to the website visitors.

  • Clicks
    The total number of clicks on forms and popups on your website.

  • CTR
    Click-through-rate. The Clicks divided by the Views values, showing the percentage of people that clicked on the form or popup from all of those who have seen it.
    For example, if for 100 Views there were 10 Clicks, the CTR is 10%.

  • Leads
    The total number of contacts (confirmed and unconfirmed) subscribed via forms and popups on your website.

Note: the values on the right next to each score are comparing results from a similar period to the one you’ve select.
For example, for selected period Aug 18th – Sep 16th it’s compared to Jul 18th – Aug 16th.

Individual form’s performance

Find detailed results for each form and popup listed in separate tables below the General Performance graph.