How to track traffic on my popup or inline content?

The following article applies to our brand new Forms and Popups editor. Legacy editor help can be found here.

How to see the traffic of multiple popups or inline content?

When you go to Forms and popups, you will see the list of your forms and inline content with traffic information in columns. You can see and compare the number of views, unique visitors, Click Through Rate, and the number of leads who signed up using that form.

Clicking on each category will allow you to sort the data, you can also Show statistics for selected time period.

manage forms and popups, statistic view.

How to track traffic of a single popup or inline content?

To see detailed traffic of a single popup or inline content:

  1. Click on the popup or inline content name.

    manage forms and popups
  2. Scroll down to General performance section. You can see the following statistics presented in numbers and graph.
    • Views
      The number of times your form or popup was loaded and viewed by your visitors.
    • Clicks
      This number shows you how many people have clicked on any button or link inside your popup or inline content.
    • CTR
      The number of clicks divided by the number of views, shown as a percentage. For example, if there are 100 views and 10 clicks, the CTR is 10%.
    • Leads
      The number of confirmed and unconfirmed contacts.

      General performance of a form.

You can display statistics based on the visitor’s device and country, as well as select the time period.