How do I send ecommerce data from Magento to GetResponse?

You can use the GetResponse Ecommerce feature to track and collect ecommerce data.

For customers who are in your GetResponse contact database, we can track what products they buy, when they buy them, and how often. You can use this information to target customers based on their behavior, send abandoned cart emails and product recommendations, or plan a retargeting campaign.

Learn more about the type of data sent to GetResponse and where to find it

This option allows you to track new purchases to keep your GetResponse database up-to-date. To send existing purchase history for your contacts, use the Export feature. Find out how to export contact information.

To use this feature you need:

  • A Marketing Automation, Ecommerce Marketing or MAX account. This means that you need to be able to use the Purchase, URL visited, and Abandoned cart conditions when creating workflows.
  • The GetResponse for Magento plugin installed.

How to start sending the data

The following steps are the same in Magento 1.9 and Magento 2.x

1. Navigate to the GetResponse extension.
2. Expand the menu and click GetResponse Ecommerce.
3. Check the box for Send ecommerce data to GetResponse. The setup options become available.
4. Select a GetResponse store. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to add it first. A store is where all the ecommerce data is sent to from your Magento store. See where you can find it in GetResponse.

How do I add a new store in GetResponse?

1. Click the Add New Store button.
2. Enter the store name in the field provided.
3. Click Confirm.
5. Select the contact list for which you want to collect the data. Note: To ensure tracking data for your new customers, this list should be the same as the one you selected in the Add contacts during registration tab.
6. Click Save.

How to edit ecommerce settings

You can edit the settings at any time:

  • to disable the feature, deselect the box and click Save.
  • to change the list, select a new list from the drop-down menu and click Save.