How to manage when to display my popup?

The following article applies to our brand new Forms and Popups editor. Legacy editor help can be found here.

How to manage when to display the popup?

To manage when to display the popup:

  1. Go to Forms and popups and click on the name.

    Manage forms and popups.
  2. Click Edit under Display rules.

    Edit display rules.
  1. Click Edit triggers to decide which visitor actions make the popup appear.

    Edit triggers.
  2. You can select one or multiple triggers:
    • After N seconds – select the number of seconds after which the popup will appear
    • After scrolling – you can enter the percentage of your website after which the popup will appear, or enter the CSS selector
    • On exit intent – selecting this will trigger the popup when visitor is trying to close the page
    • On inactivity – your popup appears when the visitor is inactive for the selected number of seconds
      Trigger settings.

Remember to hit Save each time you change anything.