How do I include the survey link in my message so the respondent data isn’t anonymous?

Our survey feature is deprecated. It means that we no longer offer support for it and the feature will be discontinued soon.

Include a special link with your survey ID in your message to ensure the respondent data isn’t anonymous. After creating and publishing your survey, depending on whether you’d like to add the link to a newsletter or an autoresponder, select Email Marketing or Autoresponders from the top menu. Process with your usual message editing flow.

How to add a link?

  1. Go to Forms > Surveys.
  2. Copy your survey ID from the URL of your survey.
survey ID
  1. In your message editor, click a button or image you want to hyperlink and add the link in the right-hand side menu. For text, click Insert link button from the toolbar.
  1. Make sure you select Custom protocol as your link type. Add your link in the format {{LINK `survey` `xxxxx`}} and replace xxxxx with the survey ID copied from your survey URL.  
custom protocol link

Note: Adding the survey in any other way than explained above will result in not saving the respondents’ data.

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