How do I include the survey link in my message so the respondent data isn’t anonymous?

Include a special link with your survey ID in your message to ensure the respondent data isn’t anonymous. After creating and publishing your survey in our creator, go to Dashboard >> Menu. Depending on whether you’d like to add the link to a newsletter or an autoresponder, select Email Marketing or Autoresponders from the top menu. Process with your usual message editing flow.

How to add a link?

  1. Go to Forms and surveys >> Surveys.
  2. Copy your survey ID from the URL of your survey.
survey ID
  1. In your message editor, click a button or image you want to hyperlink and add the link in the right-hand side menu. For text, click Insert link button from the toolbar.
  1. Make sure you select Custom protocol as your link type. Add your link in the format {{LINK `survey` `xxxxx`}} and replace xxxxx with the survey ID copied from your survey URL.  
custom protocol link

Note: Adding the survey in any other way than explained above will result in not saving the respondents’ data.