How do I create a survey?

Our survey feature is deprecated. It means that we no longer offer support for it and the feature will be discontinued soon.

GetResponse online surveys help you find out what your customers are thinking and what they want.

To create a survey:

  1. Go to Forms. The Manage forms page opens first.
  2. To switch to surveys, click the Surveys tab.
  3. Click the Create survey button.
  4. Fill in the requested information and click the Next Step button.

To create questions, use the drag-and-drop tool on the right. These are the questions types you can add to your survey:

  • Multiple Choice (One Answer Only)
  • Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)
  • Text (Single-Line Answer)
  • Text (Paragraph Answer)
  • Subscription Form (To add those who have not subscribed to your mailing list yet)

To edit a question, click the Edit button on the right-hand side of the question. To move a question, click it then drag-and-drop it wherever you wish.

You can also set the questions to save answers as text type custom fields (you cannot do it with Multiple choice+multiple answers question type).

Organize your survey into pages by clicking the Add page tab.

Click the Save survey button if you want to work on the survey later. Click the Save and publish survey button when you are ready to use the survey.