How to log into GetResponse Social Ads Creator?

It’s possible to use GetResponse Social Ads Creator without setting up an account right away and continuing as a guest. Creating an account by logging in with Facebook or Google, as well as connecting to your GetResponse account, gives you access to sharing options.

If you decide to log in, once you open the app, go to Settings and tap Log in.

You will see a login screen with 3 access options:

  • Continue with GetResponse
  • Log in with Google
  • Log in with Facebook

Choose GetResponse to connect your accounts, or login with Facebook or Google to create a new account.

You can also continue as a guest by returning to the previous screen.

The guest option allows you to check out the app and create posts, but you can’t share them without connecting the app to your social media profiles. You can’t save your beams as drafts and they won’t stay in the account if you leave the app without logging in through GetResponse, Google, or Facebook. As a guest, you also can’t create posts using GetResponse Conversion funnel.