How can I keep my contact lists up-to-date using PieSync?

PieSync lets you synchronize data between your GetResponse contact lists and any of the 100+ supported apps. With a two-way sync, you can be sure that the data is always complete and up-to-date across all your apps. So, you don’t need to import and export your contact data every time it changes. You can also use a one-way sync, where you choose the source and the target application. You can change the direction whenever you need.

Note: PieSync is a cloud-based application and has not been developed by GetResponse. We can’t provide support with the connections you create in PieSync. For more information and help troubleshooting, please visit PieSync’s Support Center

Connecting PieSync and GetResponse

Once you connect and authorize GetResponse in PieSynch, you’ll be able to create connections with the apps you use.

1. Log into your PieSync account and go to Connections.
2. Use the search bar to find GetResponse. Then, enter the name of the app you want to connect it with.
3. Authorize the GetResponse app when using it for the first time.
4. Click Yes to confirm.

Note: If you’re not logged into your GetResponse, PieSync will ask you to do so first.

5. Select the list you want to sync and click Next.

6. Follow the authorization steps for the other app you’ve selected. If you connected any of the apps before, you can use that authorization again (choose the account form a list), or add a different account (log in with a different account).
7. Click Configure the sync between … to set up your connection.

Setting up connections

You set up your connections by defining connection rules. They’re based on “if-then” logic. Use a filter to set up a condition (“if something happens in one app”) and an action to follow (then do something in the other app). For example, if a contact in GetResponse is tagged “active”, add them to a specific Group in Google Contacts.

The specific steps depend on the app you selected to sync with GetResponse. But here are the key steps for creating the connection:

1. Choose how to sync your contacts in the apps. You can sync all of your contacts to a selected list, or select just a subset. If you want to use a subset, you can use one of these filters and actions supported by GetResponse:


  • tag
  • score
  • whether the contact exists
  • any other field (including custom fields)


  • add tag
  • remove tag
  • update fields

2. Configure connection settings. Keep in mind that:

  • Avoid duplicates is checked by default because email is required when adding contacts to GetResponse.
  • select data from which app to use when there’s data mismatch

3. Specify how to map custom fields.
Some fields, like name and email address, are mapped by default. You can custom map between your GetResponse custom fields and other fields and fields in the other app.

4. Optionally, you can specify whether this should be a one- or two-way sync.
5. Click Start syncing now to finish setup.