How can I add Shopify’s Buy button to my website?

Adding Buy button from Shopify to your website can encourage customers to purchase products from your Shopify store. You can use it on the dedicated website which works as a campaign’s landing page, for the purposes of a campaign, advertising, or a promotional page with new products, bundles or offers.

How can I create the button?

To add a Buy button to your website you need to create it in Shopify first.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Buy Button.
  2. Click Create a Buy Button.
  3. Click Product Buy Button.
  4. Select the product from your catalog or use the search to find a product. Click Select.

How can I add the button to my website?

  1. When in the Website Builder editor, click on the Add elements button.

    Add elements button.
  2. Drag and drop the Buy button element into your page content.

    Buy button element.
  3. Click on the Buy button, select Shopify from the menu on the right, paste the button code from your store admin in Shopify.

    Buy button code.