How to add and edit a text block?

The following article applies to our brand new Forms and Popups editor. Legacy editor help can be found here.

How to add a text block?

To add a text block:

  1. Go to Forms and popups and click on the name.

    Manage forms and popups.
  2. Click Edit design.

    Edit design icon.
  1. Click Add elements icon.

    Add elements icon.
  1. Drag and drop Text into your popup.

    Text block icon.

How to edit a text block?

To edit a text block:

Click on the block inside your popup. This will give you an option to enter the text or paste the text and show you text block options divided into two sections (on the right):

  1. Text settings – here you can select the text type, font, font size, font style, font color, background color, text alignment, line height, and list style.
  2. Block settings – expand to adjust visual options of the whole text block.
Text block settings.