How can I upload my product data to GetResponse?

You can upload your complete product database to GetResponse by adding a product feed in Product feeds.

A feed is a file that contains your complete inventory of products. You create it a Google Merchant account or a Yandex.Market account. Then, you can upload all the data to GetResponse.

Once the data is in your account, you can showcase your products on sales pages, add them to your emails, or create post-purchase workflows to reward loyal customers and introduce them to more of your listings.

Here’s what you’ll need to upload your product inventory:

  • A product feed in a Google Merchant or a Yandex.Market format.
  • Connection to your ecommerce platform using a plugin or API.
  • If using one of our plugins, create a GetResponse store to receive all the data. In the plugins, you do it when you configure the ecommerce tracking feature.

How to add the feed:

1. In the Dashboard menu, click Integrations.
2.. In the side menu, click the Product feeds tab.
3. Click Add feed.
4. Enter the information required to set up the upload:

  • Type in the feed name. It can be the name of your file.
  • Select a store. This is your store equivalent in GetResponse.
  • Enter the file URL.
    5. (Optional) If you’ve already been using our plugins or API to send ecommerce data to GetResponse, there may already be product information in your account. You can choose to remove the products already in your GetResponse database if they’re not included in the feed.
    6. Click Add.

You can check the progress of the upload on the Manage feeds page, where we show you how many products were added or updated.

You can cancel the upload only before we start creating the database in GetResponse.

How to update the product database in GetResponse

To update your product inventory in GetResponse, you need to reuse the feed (updates don’t happen automatically).

Here’s how to do it:

1. Navigate to the Product feeds page.
2. Click on the More actions menu (three vertical dots) next to the feed you want to update and select Reuse.
3. Enter the name for the updated feed, and select the store. The feed URL is already prefilled.
4. Click Save.

How to delete the feed

You can remove the feed at any time, e.g. when you no longer use the URL. All the information that was passed to GetResponse remains intact.

To remove the feed, head to the Product feeds page and select Delete from the More actions menu.


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