What is a pipeline?

A pipeline is a visual representation of a process—sales or other business interaction—you have designed for your current and future customers. The building blocks of a pipeline are called stages. They represent specific steps in the process. There are two main types of stages: open and closed. The shortest pipeline you can create has 1 open stage and 2 closed. The longest can consist of as many as 17 open and 3 closed stages.

You can display pipelines in stage view and manage deals view. Stage view gives you the ability to see the entire process, edit stages and individual deal details, and drag-and-drop individual deals between stages. Manage deals view is useful for viewing the list of all your deals, as well as for performing bulk actions, such as deleting multiple deals or moving them between stages.

How do I create a pipeline?

When you decide to create a pipeline, we present you with a pipeline template, which you can use as is, or customize to best match your process. The template includes preloaded stages—3 open and 2 closed stages. They are already labeled as New-Qualified, Presentation, Proposal, Won, and Lost but you can change the names to suit your needs.

To create a pipeline:

1. Go to Menu>>Simple CRM and click Create pipeline.
2. Enter the pipeline name in the space provided.
3. Add new stages, if you’d like to modify the pipeline:

  • Click the Add open stage button to add more open stages. Each new stage is added as the first stage in the pipeline.
  • Click the Add closed stage button to add one additional closed stage for Frozen deals.

4. To change a stage name, delete the existing one and enter a new name.

5. Click Save to finish building the pipeline.

You can now start adding deals to your pipeline.

Can I edit existing pipelines?

You can review and edit existing pipelines on the Manage pipelines page. Click on the Actions icon on the right to view all the available actions for the pipeline.
To edit a pipeline:
1. Click on the Actions icon on the right to view all the available actions for the pipeline.

Actions menu indicated

2. Click Open (or click on the pipeline name for quick-and-easy access).
3. Click the Settings icon next to the pipeline name.
pipeline settings indicated

The options to add, delete, rename, or rearrange stages become available.

editing options active

Note: It’s not possible to delete the Won and Lost stages. If you decide to delete a stage that contains deals, you’ll need to specify whether you’d like to delete the deals or move them to a different stage.