What are deals?

In GetResponse, deals are contacts you add to a pipeline. They are called “deals” because they represent deal opportunities. You can upload a list or lists of contacts, select specific segments, or manually select the deals you’d like to add. Adding deals to a pipeline doesn’t require double opt-in (these deals are already on your list of contacts and have opted in to receive your messages).

You can add up to 1000 deals at a time to a given open stage (but we recommend you first pre-select the deals you’d like to add).

How do I add deals?

You can add deals as you’re creating a new pipeline or add them to existing pipelines. Once you’ve opened a pipeline,

1. Click Add deals.
2. Select one or more lists or segments and click Apply.
3. Select if you’d like to add all the contacts or to manually select specific contacts from the lists or filters you’ve selected, then click Next.
4. Assign deal information to the contacts you’ve selected:

  • Label (required)—the category name you’d like to assign to your deals, e.g. a product or service type.
  • Select the stage you’re adding contacts to (required).

You can also add additional information:

  • Close by date—the time by which you can assume the deal is lost.
  • Account manager name
  • Deal value

5. Click Next.

Your deals appear in the stage you’ve selected for them. From there, you can review and edit your deal details:

  • In stage view, drag and drop deals to move them within or across stages.
  • In list view you can sort deals by email, name, stage, value, account manager, close date, and reminder.

Can deals be automatically added to a pipeline?

It’s possible to add contacts automatically to a pipeline. When you’re adding new deals, you can enable a feature that converts current and future contacts into deals and adds them to a specific stage in a pipeline. Note: This option works only for lists. It’s not possible to use it with segments.

To enable adding contacts automatically

1. Go to Menu>>Simple CRM>>Manage pipelines and click on the specific pipeline.
2. Click Add deals.
3. Select a list. Then, select the option to add existing and future contact from that list.
4. Click Next to move on to setting up deal details. When you’re done, click Next.

An icon under a stage name indicated that contacts are converted into deals automatically for this stage. If you wish, you can repeat the steps for another list in the future.

To review the details for the automatic conversion, click on the icon. You’ll be able to review the basic deal details, the lists the contacts are being added from, and how many deals have been added automatically.

If you want to stop adding contacts automatically to the pipeline, move the status switch to Off position. When you want to re-start adding the future contacts, switch it On.

I copied my contacts to different lists. What happens to duplicates?

If there are duplicate contacts on the lists you’ve selected, we remove duplicates and upload only one contact as a deal.

Can I create multiple deals for the same contact in the same pipeline?

It’s possible to create multiple deals for the same contact (add the same contact as multiple deals). When adding deals, don’t select multiple lists or segments. Select one list at a time to add the contact and assign an appropriate label to them. Repeat this action for every label you’d like to assign to them.