Can I track and collect ecommerce data from Prestashop?

You can use the GetResponse Ecommerce feature to get information about your customers’ spending habits. Once you enable it, it starts passing to your GetResponse account such information as: orders, products purchased, items added to a cart, order value. You can use it to create workflows in Marketing automation, or segment your contact base in Search contacts using ecommerce conditions.

Be sure to enable adding contacts during registration in the GetResponse module.

How do I start sending the ecommerce data?

1. Navigate to the GetResponse extension.
2. Expand the menu and click GetResponse Ecommerce.

3. Click YES next to Send ecommerce data to GetResponse.

Add a new store

If you first need to add a new store, on the next page:
1. Click the Add new shop icon.
2. Enter a name in the field provided.
3. Click Save.

Repeat this procedure to create as many stores as you need. You can always create a new store later.

4. From the droplist, select the store for which you want to track the data.
5. Click Save.

You’re set. The data for the store you selected will be passed on to your GetResponse account.

What types of products can I import?

We only import products which have a name set up. When you’re using the multistage option, we import products that are assigned to a given store by default.

How to edit ecommerce settings?

You can edit the settings at any time:

  • Select a new store and click Save.
  • Deselect the box and click Save to disable the feature.

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