How to share an ebook with your contacts?

If you’re looking to send your contacts a freebie to encourage them to sign up for your newsletters, you can do it by attaching the ebook to your landing page. There are two ways in which you can do it:

  • By adding the link to the file to the thank you page.
  • By creating an autoresponder with a link to your file.

In each of the methods, you need to start by creating a download link for your ebook.

How to create a download link?

To create a download link:

  1. Go to Menu >> Files and images.
  2. Click Add files.
    add new file in files and images.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, click on the Action menu (vertical ellipsis) and select Copy URL.
    copy URL in files and images.

Once you have the link to the file, save it somewhere—it will be needed later in the process.

How to attach an ebook to the thank you page?

If you want your contact to get the ebook once they reach the thank you page of your landing page, you can do it by linking the file you’ve uploaded under a button.

To start:

  1. Go to Menu>> Landing pages.
  2. Click on the name of your landing page to enter the editor. If you don’t have a page yet, create one.
  3. Once you’re ready with the main page view, switch to the “Thank you page” tab.
    switch to thank you page tab.
  4. Drag and drop a button from the side menu.
    drag a button.
  5. Once the button is placed on the thank you page, double click on the text and type in what you’d like the button to say.
  6. From the menu that appeared choose the linking icon.
    linking icon.
  7. Prepare the link to your file.
  8. Paste your link in the Link URL section and click OK.
    provide URL.

Now your ebook is attached to your landing page and everyone who gets to the thank you page will be able to download your file by clicking the button.

How to attach an ebook to the autoresponder?

In this method, the contacts will get your ebook delivered to their email inbox after they sign up to the newsletter.

Creating an autoresponder.

First, you need to create an autoresponder message which will include a link to your file.

  1. Go to Menu>>Autoresponders.
  2. Click Create autoresponder.
  3. Provide your autoresponder name.
  4. In the calendar type in “0” as the cycle day on which the message should be sent.
    autoresponder day 0 settings.
  5. Make sure the list of the autoresponder is the same as the list linked to your landing page.
  6. Select the message to be sent Immediately on all days of the week.
  7. Scroll down and click Create new email.
    create new email.
  8. Configure your message settings and click Next step.
  9. Select your message template and click Next step.
  10. When you’re in the editor, drag and drop the My button block from Basic blocks.
    drag button from side menu.
  11. Click on the button to edit the text it displays.
  12. Prepare the link to your file.
  13. In the menu that opens, paste your file link in the Button URL section.
    provide button url.
  14. Once you are ready with the email, click Next step.
  15. Scroll down and hit Save and publish to set your autoresponder live.

Adding contacts to the autoresponder cycle.

Next, you need to make sure your landing page is adding people to the autoresponder cycle.

  1. Go to Menu>>Landing pages.
  2. Hover over the Action menu (vertical ellipsis) and choose Edit settings.
    edit landing page settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Subscription settings section and select Add into the cycle on day and select Day 0.
    add to the cycle.
  4. Scroll down and save your changes.

Everyone who subscribes through your landing page will receive an email with the link to your file as soon as they are added to your list.

Note: If you have confirmed opt-in enabled, they will first have to click a link in a confirmation message, after that, they will be added to your list.