Operation: Email Deliverability — A graphic novel by GetResponse


SPF? DKIM? DMARC? What do they mean and why are they important for email marketing? And how can you ensure that your emails get delivered and don’t land in the spam folder?

Jack, the marketing intern doesn’t know. Fortunately, an older colleague offers his help — by telling a story about a young spy during the Cold War…

Follow the adventures of agent Raven and learn the best practices of email deliverability in GetResponse’s first-ever graphic novel! By the end of the comic, you will understand how to comply with Gmail and Yahoo’s new authentication requirements.

You can download the comic book in PDF format by clicking here or read it as a flipbook here.

Read the comic as a flipbook!

Zilahy Máté
Zilahy Máté
Máté is a Content Partnerships Manager at GetResponse, where he manages relationships with content partners and develops new content initiatives that drive engagement and lead generation. In his role, he works closely with the marketing team to identify opportunities for collaboration and ensure that the company's content offerings align with its marketing strategy.