Winning Content Marketing:  Commitment & Investment in Audience 2017
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Winning Content Marketing: Commitment & Investment in Audience 2017

Content marketing. Marketing automation. Email marketing. Does your company manage these as separate channels? Many do. But they all have one central concept in common: your audience’s needs.

And that’s a big challenge: who, exactly, is your audience? Being able to answer that question, and know what your audience values, is the key to creating a content marketing strategy. And that ties in to customer personas, the creation of which should be an ongoing process. Why? Because audiences change, content consumption patterns change, and how businesses engage customers change.

What will make your content marketing succeed? Using data to connect the dots about what which personas are engaging with and consuming which pieces of content. Then you’ll know if you’re creating value for your personas.

But none of this is without challenge!

When you’re delivering content – through email marketing and/or marketing automation as the delivery method – you need to segment that mass list to get the right content in front of the people who want it. Our research found that about half of our surveyed marketers aren’t segmenting at all.


Types of segmentation used


This makes it difficult to succeed in content marketing because you have a strong likelihood of losing your audience’s attention if the content isn’t what they want to consume. What’s going to help solve that problem?  Working with your technology (data) teams to determine how to segment and prioritize your audience.

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