Webinar Recording: Autoresponders 2.0
by Karolina Kurcwald last updated on 0

Webinar Recording: Autoresponders 2.0

We just broke our webinar record – yesterday’s Autoresponders 2.0 webinar was visited by 929 people from all over the world! That was really amazing (imagine the discussion on the chat!). Many thanks to everyone who attended. If you haven’t been able to join us or would like a replay, we have a recording for you. Enjoy!

During the webinar, our Education Expert, Mack Gorski, talked about time-based and action-based Autoresponders, scheduling and optimizing Autoresponder messages and planning, creating and managing successful marketing campaigns with Autoresponders 2.0.

There were a lot of very interesting and detailed questions asked on the chat by the attendees so we decided to include the discussion part in the video – you might actually find the answers to some of your questions, too. The Q&A session starts halfway (at around 00:30) while the first 30 minutes are taken by the actual presentation.

Hope you enjoy the recording – let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

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