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Looking for ways to drive membership, increase donations, or raise awareness?
We can help. With our all-in-one email marketing tools, you’ll reach new audiences and motivate supporters to participate more, with less impact on your budget.

30%off monthly plans
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Nothing! You are on a mission, and it’s a beautiful one!

50%off monthly plans
You get:
    Autofunnel* Email Marketing Landing Pages* Marketing Automation Webinars and more 24/7 live chat support Free admission to GetResponse University and Certification Program
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All we ask is to include the GetResponse logo on your website, and allow us to spread the word about our partnership!

Who qualifies for the discount?

To benefit from the nonprofit discount, your organization must hold a valid charitable status in the country of its origin and we’ll ask you to present all applicable legal documentation.

The program is open to all nonprofits who are not political organizations.

How does it work?

First, fill out the GetResponse for Nonprofits application form. We might get back to you asking for additional information like your registry address or charitable status confirmation. After that, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to register your account.
If you choose the Plus plan (50% discount) we’ll ask you to put our logo to your website within 4 weeks and send us a link.

UNESCO uses GetResponse to foster worldwide dialogue through education

GetResponse has been a critical tool for UNESCO Bangkok’s public relations outreach efforts and in particular our newsletter distribution. Of course, the automated distribution has expedited the communications process, but the key decider for our organization has been the design flexibility enabling our artistic team to dynamically adjust the template to best convey case studies in regional Education, Culture, Communication and the Sciences.

Akané Nozaki

Public Information Officer - UNESCO Bangkok

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can have up to 100,000 contacts in your nonprofit account. Any contacts you add will be subject to a list extension fee. If you contact us when you exceed your limit, we’ll discount your extension fee, too.

It’s against our policy to import contact lists bought or scraped from business directories. Sending marketing communication to people who haven’t expressed consent is against the law and as such can harm our deliverability rates and potentially place your emails in spam folders. Not to mention the GDPR problems you may face!

If we can’t confirm that our logo is placed on your website within 4 weeks after your registration, we will downgrade your discount to 30%, starting from the next billing cycle.

You can apply once again in the future if the charitable status of your organization changes. In the meantime, you can sign up for a regular GetResponse account.

That’s entirely up to you. One way would be to place our logo in the partners section of your website and link it to You can also create a partner profile for us, or publish an article or post about our partnership. Whichever you choose, send us the link, so we can verify it. Regardless of your choice, remember that link has to point to Also – don’t forget to send us the link so we can verify the placement!

Right after you register your account. After approving your application, we’ll send you an email explaining how you can register a discounted account, along with a unique code. Click the link in the email, type in your code, and register your account. Your discount will be activated while registering.

This is our online marketing education center. In 5 different modules, covering email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, content marketing, and inbound sales ( including a lesson on AdWords and SEO), you can listen to GetResponse experts and industry influencers like Andrew Davies, Jamie Turner, Kath Pay, or Michael Brenner explain how online marketing works and how to use it for best results. After each module, you can take a test and get certified.
NPOs can use it for free, so you can get more out of our platform.

We’re scanning URL addresses for links every month. If we can’t find our logo under the link you provided us with, we’ll downgrade your discount to 30%, starting from the next billing cycle.