Webinar Recap: How to Use GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business
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Webinar Recap: How to Use GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business

We want to thank you all so much for registering and attending our webinar all about getting started with marketing automation yesterday! We had a great group of attendees who asked some awesome questions. Together we were able to introduce marketing automation as a theory, then see it work in action!

(Though some attendees had trouble focusing, as it was lunch time for them and all the examples were of a chocolate shop! ☺️)


Webinar Recap: How to Use GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business


But once we got past that, it was smooth sailing and we got into the “good stuff” that GetResponse Marketing Automation has to offer – scoring, tagging, easy drag and drop workflow builder, and more.


What did we learn?

So, for those of you who joined me yesterday, what should you have taken away from the webinar?


An understanding of marketing automation and how it can improve your results.

Remember, marketing automation is used to automate essential marketing processes.

Helping you optimize:

  • Customer and subscriber segmentation
  • Customer data integration
  • Campaign management

Using email, social, landing pages, web-page event tracking, and more.

The logic behind GetResponse Marketing Automation.


marketing automation logic


  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes
  • Easy-to-use visual drag-and-drop editor
  • Workflows created with conditions, actions, and filters
  • Automating customer journeys based on preferences, actions, and behavior


Real-life, live examples of an e-commerce shop successfully utilizing marketing automation workflows.

We saw how to build welcome workflow cycles, react to subscriber engagement levels, and retarget older leads.

Like this very simple, but effective example welcome series:


welcome series


(Pssst! You can see lots of video examples for workflow ideas here!)


What was asked?

As I mentioned, we had lots of great questions, but probably the most common was:


Can I see this webinar again?

The answer, of course, is – yes! We’ve sent all webinar registrants an email with an exclusive link to view the recording again and again. Check your inbox for it!

Those of you here who didn’t have a chance to register for the webinar, but you’d like a look, have no fear! We are hosting the webinar again in April. You can register for the Tuesday, April 18 marketing automation webinar here.

We also received quite a lot of questions about:


How can I use tagging and scoring?

That’s a great question, and boy do we have some resources for you! ☺️

Learn about the uses of tagging and scoring on our dedicated page.

We also have a robust list of FAQs to help you put it all to work.

And finally, our dedicated 24/7 support team is ready and waiting to help you get it set up!


Wrapping up

Thanks again for joining us yesterday! We hope you rushed straight over to your account and created some awesome workflows. If so, let us know in the comment what types you created! We’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for future webinar invites – we’re always working on something new!

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