Webinar: Get Amazing Open Rates with Bond Halbert
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Webinar: Get Amazing Open Rates with Bond Halbert

Bond Halbert is a master copywriting instructor, #1 Amazon Best Selling Publisher, half the team behind TheGaryHalbertLetter.com and marketing consultant to the pros. On Thursday November 14th, I have the pleasure of co-hosting a free live GetResponse webinar where Bond will share with you his tactics for getting amazing email marketing open rates!

Editor’s note

The webinar recap and recording are now available. If you’d like to learn more about what Jim and Bond discussed during the webinar, be sure to click to the link above. And if you’re interested in more up-to-date content, here’s a newer article that talks about how you can improve your email open rates.

This past week I asked Bond a few questions about him, his family’s distinguished history in the industry and how he has managed his success in Internet and direct marketing.

You and your family have been deeply involved in direct and online marketing for decades. Can you tell me a little about your experience with it?

My father was fired from the last job he ever held the day before I was born and by the time I could walk he became one of, if not THE, most sought-after copywriter on the planet so I was born into the highest level of the business but that wasn’t the most amazing part.

My father was truly obsessed with direct marketing. It was all he talked about at dinner and I went to seminars like other kids went to baseball games but… what was amazing was how one day he singled me out.

I expressed an interest in direct marketing and he immediately stepped up my education in a way I have never heard of before or since. By the age of 11, I was flying around the country for business meetings with the giants of direct marketing and he would even take me out of school to attend brainstorming sessions with guys like Eric Weinstein and Jay Abraham.

He explained to me what his goals were before each meeting and afterward we would discuss what went right and what went wrong.

By teaching me how to think like a copywriter from such an early age I have a marketer’s mindset I can apply to anything tech related I learn like building websites and working with email marketing campaigns. It allows me to see angles faster than even my father did and that speed is the main difference.

.During the webinar, you’ll share some amazing tactics for getting better email marketing open rates. What’s the biggest mistake or misconception people have when trying to improve their open rates?

Thinking a slick message and an incredible offer will attract a lot of attention. One of the first things any marketer learns is being great is not enough. You must understand the process of getting prospects to pay attention to you long enough to tell them about your great offer.

I know you’re a GetResponse client and I’m wondering what tools and features you like the most. Can you share your top 3 and why?

I’ll give you two and save my favorite for the webinar.

I really love the “view all” function which allows me to see how my emails look on different devices and browsers. This is something pros are very concerned with and this function saves a lot of time and it also saves sales.

If your email loses its formatting and looks like one garbled long paragraph on an iPhone, that’s a lot of people who won’t be reading your message or buying.

I also like the new responsive design templates which allow your emails to be resized and look good on almost any device or browser. It can cost a pretty penny to have a custom template made which does this. We pulled some strings to get one and I was amazed to see so many good looking options available to all the GetResponse customers.

How important is mobile email marketing today?

As I said, mobile viewing is what all the professional mailers are concerned with because more and more emails are being viewed on mobile devices like iPads or smartphones and the trend seems unstoppable.

Everyone who adopts this new trend is much better off and I for one love it because I can write brief powerful copy very fast.

What’s more critical, the content or the presentation?

It’s a chicken and egg thing. Presentation gets people in the door and content keeps them coming back for more.

I will say that the better your content is… the easier it is to make a splash.

For example, I really am going to show folks how to get really high open rates and I know that sounds like standard IM fare but I really did teach my 13 year old daughter how to do this and her last email got a 61% open rate on an older list which has never had the names of those who don’t open removed.

That amazing fact is proof of amazing content which can be an amazing hook like…

How My 13 Year Old Daughter Gets 40-61% Open Rate All Year Long!

What do you see as the future for email marketing and online marketing in general? Is it a bright one?

I think online marketing will continue to grow until the only brick and mortar stores left are those selling an experience which can’t be delivered online, items people want to try before buying and impulse buys.

In other words, online marketing is only going to get bigger and better.

That being said, the best money is always in the list and email continues to be the best way to communicate with your list so email marketing will grow too.

What’s in the emails and where or how they are read may change but… email as a message delivery system isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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