Want More Webinar Signups? Try our New Landing Pages Feature!
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Want More Webinar Signups? Try our New Landing Pages Feature!

At GetResponse, we’re always busy tweaking the tools you need to build, grow, and scale your business. And we know you’re focused on getting more leads. After all, last year around 85,000 new contacts signed up to our customers’ lists every day.

Webinars played a big part in that growth, proving to be a powerful lead generation tool. But we know preparing for webinars isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s a good idea to build a landing page to promote your webinar, and outline the topic, speaker, and key takeaways.

To make this even easier – and help you get more webinar attendees – we’ve added a brand new feature to our landing pages.

Visitors to your landing page can now sign up directly to your webinar, without any extra steps.


How to use webinars with landing pages

Step 1. It’s super simple. Start by setting up a webinar inside your GetResponse account.


GetResponse Webinar Setup Settings


Step 2. Then go to the Landing Pages creator, and choose your favorite webinar template.

[You can also choose any other template or even create one from scratch. In such case, you'll just have to drag and drop the camera icon onto the page to add the signup form.]


GetResponse Landing Page Templates


All our templates have been revamped to make it even easier to get started.

Step 3. Next, you’ll need to choose a webinar to link the landing page to.


Linking Landing Page with Webinars


You can use this feature if you have webinars enabled in your GetResponse account.

Step 4. Your webinar signup form will now appear on the landing page.


Webinar Signup on a Landing Page


And of course, you can place it anywhere on the page.


Step 5. Maximize your webinar registrations

If you'd like to maximize your webinar registrations, consider adding a countdown timer next to your webinar registration form.

Here's one example created with a countdown timer feature that's built into the GetResponse landing pages.


Example of a webinar landing page with a countdown timer.


Your turn

Great landing pages come in all shapes and forms. For inspiration, check out this post on webinar landing page examples and find out what made them successful.

Until then, you can join the conversation in our Landing Page Experts Facebook group and share your experience with our growing community.


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