Use Subdomains And Directories To Create Targeted Landing Pages


We know how important it is to be consistent throughout your online marketing campaigns. Whether it’s social media, email or landing pages, each medium you use it needs to be aligned with your brand image.

To help you with that, we recently added a small but very important feature to GetResponse Landing Pages so that you can host multiple landing pages on a single domain. You can now use domains, subdomains, and directories to run targeted campaigns or organize your products according to your business goals.


How does it work?

Inside the platform, you can assign your domains and subdomains in the landing page URL settings section of the landing page settings page. From there, you can add new domains and subdomains or choose from a list.




When to use directories?

Directories are pages shown as /language1.html. Let’s say you’re targeting your business in two languages and you want a dedicated landing page for each language. Here’s what to do:

– Assign your domain to your landing page.
– Create a directory for each language that you want to target.
In this case, your URL should look like this:



How about subdomains?

Subdomains are formatted as “”… Let’s say, you have a domain called “” and twice year you run a seasonal sales to feature your most popular products. You can:

– Create two subdomains named “winter” and “summer.”
– Host multiple landing pages for your seasonal products at each subdomain.

Your URLs should look like this:


We believe that this feature will help you organize your online campaigns systematically and align your domain names to your brand, in order to strengthen your online presence. If you’d like to learn more about this feature please head over to our FAQ section.


Over to you

Have you ever used multiple landing pages and targeting different segments as part of your online marketing strategy? Please share your thoughts and experience with us by using the comment section below. I’d love to know what you think.

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