Split Test Emails And Improve Your Automation Workflow


This week Reno Van Boven talks about split testing, and explains why it’s important to take a closer look at performance of individual elements of your emails. Watch the video to find out how split testing can help you improve your marketing automation workflows.


Why should I A/B test emails in my automation workflow?

Split testing allows you to check what resonates with your audience and to gradually improve the overall quality and efficiency of your email marketing communication.

By running A/B tests, you quickly discover what makes your subscribers click your emails and drive conversion. When you know what engages your subscribers, you can make data-driven changes to your workflow.


What should I split test?

Decide which subscriber activity you want to analyze (e.g. open rate, click-through rate, or conversion). With a clear goal in mind it will be much easier to choose the right elements of an email for split testing. Next, prepare two identical emails, then slightly change one element in one of them.

For example, test subject lines to see which one encourages people to open the message more (the higher the open rates, the more people read your emails). If someone opened the email but didn’t click a link, you can wait some time and send them another message with the same subject line. If for any reason they didn’t open your email, you can wait some time and send a message with a different subject line.

You can also test two different calls-to-action (CTAs) and learn which one resulted in more conversions. You can investigate and compare how many people purchased after clicking a particular link and completing a particular action.

Watch the video to see how much easier operating your business will become with marketing automation.

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