Planning an Email Campaign vs. Planning a Vacation #Infographic


Dr. Emel Aktas published an online index card in which he outlines a systematic approach to preparing for a summer break. So we applied the same principles to planning a successful email campaign. And so, we draw a parallel between summer vacations and email campaigns, remember these principles may be universal and might be applied to other activities. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Every project has a scope, time frame, and budget.

Every project consists of certain elements that need careful planning. Start by defining your business needs, and then plan resources accordingly. Next, allocate a budget and set feasible deadlines.


2. Find the time to plan your actions.

If you work out a plan, you increase your chances of meeting your goals. The more detailed the initial plan, the easier it is to control the process.


3. Define what you want to achieve.

You can’t meet the requirements and needs of a business all at once. So decide what your goal is and work toward it.


4. Find alternate ways to reach your goal.

Think of many possible ways to achieve your goal. Sure, it takes time, but it will help you find the shortest route to getting the job done.


5. Select the right tools for each activity.

When the goals are set, it’s time to find the right tools for the job. Sometimes a single software platform can enable one person to handle a complex project.


6. Track all activity in one place.

For example, create a Google calendar for the project and share it with stakeholders. It will improve communication, save time, and help you keep deadlines under control.


 7. Expect plan deviations and be ready to make changes along the way.

No matter how much time you spend planning your activities, you won’t be able to avoid the unexpected. Make room for changes in strategy.


8. Plan times to stop thinking about the project.

If you work on one task too long, you begin to lose your focus, and your performance declines. Diversions can dramatically improve your ability to focus on the task for prolonged periods.

A systematic approach to preparing for a summer vacation and running a successful email campaign. Check out how, in this infographic:



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