Beautiful Tips on Email Marketing to Make Customers Love Your Emails
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Beautiful Tips on Email Marketing to Make Customers Love Your Emails

Reports from GetResponse show that 37 percent of retailers send at least 4 emails to their contacts every month. Now how do you get these recipients to love and anticipate your email even when 66 percent of unsubscribes occur between 5 and 10 pm every day?

Read on to find out!

Take a look at your inbox, which emails do you look forward to receiving? From other marketers, businesses, mentors?

Think and answer why you look forward to these emails then apply the same techniques to your campaigns.

When mailing your segmented list, do you write to a faceless crowd or like some large autonomous corporation spilling newsletters?

To get your customers to anticipate, engage and share your emails then you need to treat them like best friends and address them like companions in a conversational tone.

Enact the following tips to make your customers love and anticipate your emails:

1. Personalization

The average business email user receives 72 emails per day and the first step to gaining priority is to personalize the mail. Your CRM is an untapped goldmine, using data gathered, each email sent should be tailored to each customer’s location, time and interests.

You don’t send an email at midnight when your customers are asleep and expect good figures in your report.

Emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened, segmented campaigns according to gender, location, age, interest, financial and behavioral data can yield an extra 76 percent in revenue.

The benefits of personalized email content include:

  • Personalized emails increase revenue 6x more than more non-personalized email
  • Personalized emails are 29 percent more opened by recipients than non-personalized email.
  • Personalized emails enjoy 41 percent higher CTR than non-personalized emails.

A business such as Paper Style was experiencing unimpressive figures in their reports and decided to experiment with personalized subject lines and content resulting in a 244 percent boost in open rate and 161 percent increase in clickthroughs.

For successful personalized email campaigns, remember to

  • Collect and use data from visitors
  • Your content should match the customer’s varying interests and preferences.
  • The body of each email should speak to each customer with a voice and experience.
  • Check your email newsletter software for other personalization features.

2. Images

I couldn’t agree more with Frederick Bernard, who allegedly originated the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The goal of images in email campaigns should be to engage users and drive conversion.

What do you feel when you see art? Deep trance, ecstasy?

Now transfer those images that trigger emotions into your emails.

Statistics have shown that the higher a number of images in an email, the lower the rate of click through.

Forget that, feel free to split test!

When including images in your emails, remember the following best practices or ignore at your own detriment:

  • Limit the images to the top two inches of your email template, most customers will scan for 3 seconds to decide if they want to read or not.
  • Don’t send image only or large images in emails, remember 48 percent of emails are opened on a smartphone, 33 percent on iPhones and include some text to translate the image.
  • For retailers sending HTML emails that rely on images, use rich text if you can and use a call to action which can be rendered without an image.
  • Always use ALT text and Title text.
  • Finally, need I remind you to compress your images?

Remember, the images in your emails should engage and trigger emotions.

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3. Subject lines

In a survey, 47 percent of marketers say they split test subject lines to optimize email performance. With most email users gunning for inbox zero and thanks to Gmail tabs, it is become increasingly difficult to get noticed.

For example, despite my indifference towards Ben Settle, I can’t help but open his emails whenever they pop in, he uses crafty subject lines that pique my curiosity.

The same can be used by marketers, your subject lines should spark curiosity, be interesting enough for users to peep.

A few tips to work with if you want customer’s to love and anticipate your emails by nailing subject lines:

  • Use emotional triggers.
  • Include numbers to stop drifting eyes.
  • Include promises or questions.
  • Natural subject lines work too. Avoid witty lines depending on your audience.
  • Learn from other businesses excelling at email marketing.
  • Test, test and test till you get satisfied numbers.

4. Content

You nailed the subject lines and got some impressive open rates, what next?

How do you keep them engaged, perform your desired action and anticipate the next email?  The secret lies in copywriting.

To captivate your customer’s attention, do the following:

  • Punch out the words like a maniac. When you write fast, your personality and voice comes out in full force and customers will notice this.
  • Add some personality: include jokes, use sarcasm, foreign language. You’re trying to get customers to know you.
  • Use emojis if you like.
  • Personalize your greetings. Customers don’t fall for the first name anymore.
  • Use short, strong sentences, stop being dull.
  • Highlight the gains of your offering to customers
  • Use storytelling to guide customers to your CTA.
  • Use the power of persuasion and scarcity.
  • Your call to action must be expressive and remind them the benefits of clicking.


Your customers are busy. Don’t send information they don’t need, keep your emails succinct and proofread your emails before hitting the send button. Adhering to the tips above and the general email marketing best practices, will surely increase customers reception and engagement towards your emails, ultimately helping achieve business goals.

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