Increasing Frequency: How to Properly Do an Email Spree
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Increasing Frequency: How to Properly Do an Email Spree

Every marketer should figure out the ideal number of email campaigns to send. You might go for a base frequency of monthly or weekly email updates, depending on the relationship your target audience has with your brand. With the exception of senders who already have a very high frequency of multiple sends per week, an increase in the total number of emails per subscriber can have a direct positive effect on your bottom line results. 


A change of pace and email cadence

Note that I am talking about the total number of emails per subscriber. There are two ways of looking at this. While frequency is simply how many times emails are sent, for instance, a bi-weekly newsletter. Cadence is the ‘pattern’ of a sent email – it includes the number of emails and the spacing between emails.

Changing cadence and sending emails daily, instead of bi-weekly, will let you send the number of emails in one week that would have normally taken you 3.5 months. You can imagine that is a big bump in inbox presence and associated revenue. In email marketing clicks are not enough, you want additional email revenues. So how do you increase cadence and send that many emails in a short time? Or in other words; how to properly do an email spree?

Before we dive deeper, you might want to check out this article on how to establish the mailing frequency that’s right for your business.


Expect to manage expectations

An increase in frequency isn’t negative, it is neutral to the recipient and based on previous interactions with your brand and marketing program. If people love your emails, they want more. Everything in customer satisfaction is about the management of expectations.

  • Surprise them negatively and suffer the consequences.
  • Set the right expectations and they will tolerate any increase in frequency.
  • Exceed expectations positively and make customers happy.

So the question here is, how can we delight or – at the minimum – make it a neutral experience to increase frequency?


1. Pick the optimal timeframe

We all love a good deal and retailers know when their selling season is. Do I hear Black Friday, Cyber Monday? In December people spend a lot on retail and luxury products. Most industries have similar seasonality and slower / better selling times. An email spree is not something you do every day (because that would just make you a daily sender). So pick your moments to send more, make sure it is in the period that counts.


2. Give a reason, include a plot

Giving a reason for sending more can make all the difference. An advent calendar, a promotions week, back to school countdown, anniversaries. These are all understandable reasons to increase the frequency and therefore should be included in your email planning. Wherever possible, try to create a story or plot. If the story is strong and interesting, the next email will be anticipated even more. By the way, giving a solid reason to buy is probably always a good idea, even without increasing your email sends.




3. Claim and name your sequence

KLM does a good job of Claiming and Naming their sales. Twice a year they have the World Deal Weeks offering flights with big discounts. Every month there are Five Days of Offers. (with a countdown clock in the mail). You can use this naming tactic too. By including the duration (day, week) in the name you acknowledge a reason for sending more (see point 3) and show that it is temporary.


4. Do earn, but don’t burn

There will always be a portion of your subscribers that will want to unsubscribe once they start receiving more email. On average the opt-out rate per email will go down during an email spree, but in total it can still be quite a number. You don’t want them to mark you as spam, so don’t make your opt-out link hard to see, that would be a bad influence on email deliverability success. The smart thing to do is to let them opt-out of the series, not of your complete email program. This can be presented on the unsubscribe or preferences page.

Touching your subscribers more often is one of the ways to easily increase your revenue and results. But that doesn’t mean it is easy to increase frequency. Earlier we talked about resending your email campaigns as a frequency tactic. There are many other factors that can come into play depending on your business and your audience, so consider the use of a temporarily increased email frequency wisely. Tell us how you like to increase your frequency!


Next step

There are many elements that play a role in your email campaign’s success, and mailing frequency is just one of them. If you wish to make your campaigns impactful, be sure to always keep email marketing best practices in mind.

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