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GetResponse’s 2023 mid-year review: 45+ enhancements, AI-powered tools & what’s next 

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With just over half of 2023 already in the rearview mirror, let’s look back on some of the key releases among the nearly 50 total enhancements already launched this year. We’ll share what we’ve achieved together and how our updates impacted your productivity and enhanced your engagement with your audience.  

In the “breakout year” for generative AI, we’ve successfully delivered on our promise of time-saving, high-quality content creation, with more exciting developments ahead.  

Let’s look back at 2023 so far and what’s to come

Embarking on an AI-driven email marketing revolution  

We hit the ground running in the first quarter of 2023, releasing our revolutionary AI Email Generator. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in email creation, both in terms of speed and quality.  

Enhancing core products with time-saving generative AI has also extended into our AI Subject Line Generator and AI Autoresponder Generator.  

Since AI Email Generator's release in April, many thousands of customers have sent AI-powered newsletters, with over 15,000 newsletters sent 85% faster than when created manually

Using these tools, our customers managed to decrease email creation time by 85%. This means what used to take you hours now only takes minutes, freeing you up to focus on other strategic work (or take a walk, pet your dog, stare into space)!  

Our customers’ feedback about these AI email marketing solutions has been overwhelmingly positive, with a reported 80%+ satisfaction rate and amazing comments that truly struck a chord with us:   

Feedback from the customers using AI Email Generator by GetResponse

By enhancing autoresponders with generative AI capabilities, you can now build engaging welcome campaigns and nurture your subscribers faster than ever.  

Customers have reported being thrilled with the warm, personalized welcome messages they’re now able to extend to each new member of their online community.  

Growing your list and online visibility  

To support the growth of your audience and enhance your online presence, we launched all-new landing pages that are also integrated with the generative AI powering your email creation.  

Once again, our customers let us know we were on the right track and they were seeing success with the new-and-improved tool: “It’s so easy to build a landing page,” and “The functionalities are awesome,” were some great responses we received. 

That’s not all… 

In addition to what you see above, we rolled nearly 50 other enhancements to our platform! All to help you streamline your marketing material creation and ensure your messages reach a broader audience more efficiently. 

These releases also included 85+ new landing page templates and nearly 20 new email templates to empower you with a fresh set of new designs to customize to match your needs. 

email template by getresponse

What’s next? A sneak peek into the rest of 2023 

We’re just over halfway through the year, but we have accomplished so much together, and can’t wait to keep rolling out enhancements to make this your best selling and marketing season ever.  

You can expect even more AI wonders in your toolbox in the coming months! We’re excited to help make your holiday campaigns the smoothest and most efficient yet. 

We’re preparing to launch updates to our email creators that will revolutionize how you revamp your existing messages with fresh content. Your emails will retain their unique charm while consistently remaining relevant. It will be like breathing new life into your email templates and quickly incorporating generative AI.  

 Thank you for being an indispensable part of this amazing journey! 

For those who haven’t yet, join our GetResponse community today. Don’t miss out on the remarkably crafted tools designed to shape your business growth journey.

Together, let’s make the rest of 2023 truly remarkable! 

Abby Hehemann
Abby Hehemann
Abby is the Director of Product Marketing at GetResponse – specializing in product positioning, value-driven messaging, and go-to-market strategy. With a decade of experience in SaaS marketing, she's on a mission to empower marketers and business owners with the tools and insights they need to grow, engage, and convert their audience. Want to say hi? Connect with her on LinkedIn .