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GetResponse for Magento 2: A Mighty Tool for a Mighty Platform

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Managing a Magento store could be draining because it requires a lot of skill, resources, and effort. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that lets you build amazing stores, but it needs some resources to keep everything running smoothly.

Great news – it can be much easier with the proper tools.

Automation tools can save you time and money all while improving your results. Acquiring new customers and turning them into returning ones is much easier if you choose the right ecommerce marketing platform.

And the best part is, with GetResponse you don’t have to code a single line (or hire a developer!) to integrate your Magento store seamlessly.

GetResponse integration for Magento 2 in a nutshell

The customer journey can be divided into three parts: acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Each of those steps is important, as they all eventually contribute to increasing your revenue.

In GetResponse you’ll find tools to manage each stage in an effective and easy way. All you need to grow your store and sales in one place: from all types of email messages, automation workflows, forms and popups, chats, to webinars.

The integration is very easy, you just need to install the plugin in your store and everything is set up from your GetResponse account.

How to integrate Magento with GetResponse

  1. Install the GetResponse plugin in your Magento 2 store.
  2. In your Magento dashboard, go to System > Integrations and generate an Access Token.
  3. In GetResponse, go to Tools > Integrations and API, find the Magento 2 tile, and click the Connect button.
  4. Use your store’s URL and the Access Token to connect your store.
  5. Click the Switch to new version button.
  6. Click the actions icon (vertical ellipsis) and then Set up imports.
  7. Select Send full ecommerce data and choose the list.
  8. Match the custom fields mapping in the next step and click the Import button to connect your store!

Click here for a detailed step-by-step guide, including screenshots and technical requirements.

GetResponse for Magento: What you can achieve

GetResponse gives you a complete set of tools to enhance your store’s performance and your brand’s presence online.

Take care of the customer journey on each step to maximize the revenue opportunities both short- and long-term.

Connect with your clients using email marketing

Welcome newcomers, inform everyone about sales and product launches, grow brand awareness, share knowledge, and add value to your products via emails.
This basic form of communication can go a long way if you use it right.

With premade templates and an easy-to-use email editor, you’ll be able to focus on the message you want to convey, not the message you struggle to create. No need to fight the clunky Magento editor anymore!

Check our ecommerce email marketing guide.

Default Magento 2 message editor example.
The default Magento 2 email editor requires coding to create messages.
GetResponse message editor example.
The GetResponse drag-and-drop email editor is easy and intuitive.

Save time with marketing automation

Need to run an A/B test? Want to create a loyalty program? Looking for a way to encourage upsells or product reviews sharing? We got you.

Marketing automation is a very flexible tool. You can plan a whole journey for your customers and then, with just one workflow, the automation will – well, automatically – include everyone invited and do the rest for you.

Use premade templates, guides, and resources to create or import scenarios for your shop. All that in a simple visual editor.

GetResponse marketing automation workflow preview.
Create an automation workflow once and let it work for you in the background, saving time and growing revenue at the same time.

Sell more with abandoned cart emails

Studies show that an astonishing  69.82% of online shopping carts get abandoned. Imagine the budget that went into bringing all that interest in products, leading the visitor all the way to the cart, and it’s all lost at the very last step!

To save those baskets full of potential revenue (and the investment that filled the cart), send your soon-to-be customers a friendly reminder of the awesomeness they’ve left behind.

Use GetResponse Quick Transactional Emails to create beautiful, engaging, and converting abandoned cart messages.

Learn more about creating abandoned cart emails.

GetResponse abandoned cart email templates.

Stand out from the crowd with stunning order confirmations

Magento, as powerful of a tool as it is, has its shortcomings. The look of the default transactional emails is one of them, as the templates are not very functional or pretty.

But there’s a simple remedy for that! You can use the GetResponse email editor to create order confirmation messages for your shop.

Use your brand colors, add images, and make items clickable, so your customers can easily send them to a friend and say, “Hey, look what I just bought! I can’t wait for it to arrive!”.

Any opportunity to spread the word about your brand and products is precious, so take advantage of the message everyone expects in their inbox.

Click here for a guide on how to set them up for your store.

GetResponse order confirmation emails example.
Deliver products your customers are interested in straight to their inboxes.

Add a pop to your shop with forms and popups

Adding a subscription form to your shop is an investment-free way to build your potential client list.

Simply let them ask you to be contacted and make sure to prepare a great welcome message. Maybe add a little promo code to encourage them? Or share a freebie as a greeting gift.

But that’s not all our tool can do.

You can announce sales or new products, promote events, and simply share some tips with your visitors while they’re on your page.

All that using just one simple tool – a beautiful drag-and-drop editor. No need for a designer, we have tons of templates waiting for you.

GetResponse popups editor.

Increase revenue with recommendations

Use recommendations for upselling and cross-selling in your shop and in your messages.

Following your customers’ shopping habits can significantly improve the revenue from upselling and also show your customers that the content you send is tailored for them.
This will help you build lasting relationships and encourage recipients to open your next messages.

Using GetResponse, you can implement AI recommendations in your emails and on your store in no time.

GetResponse product recommendations example.
With the AI-based recommendations, you can add them to your store and email messages.

Read more: Learn how to boost your ecommerce conversions with AI recommendations

Connect with your customers using live chat

Sometimes even the best product page or FAQ section is not enough. Ecommerce is happening online but that doesn’t mean that the human connection plays no role.

Give your visitors and customers the option to reach out to you via a simple chat feature. Stay in touch and reply to them using our GetResponse Chats mobile app (for Android and iOS) or from your GetResponse account dashboard (or both!).

The possibility to ask a question directly and receive a hand-written answer adds a sense of connectivity. It also builds trust toward your brand and store by giving a direct means of contact.

Online store with a chat option available example.
Adding chat to your can convince your visitors to become customers and also help with solving issues quickly.

Promote your products and brand with webinars

Webinars can be a great opportunity to build brand awareness, drive sales, and add value for your customers.

Whether you create a live product presentation streamed on social media or an on-demand guide with tips on how to use your product, it helps to build brand loyalty.

No need to pay for additional tools, as GetResponse has an in-house solution that you can also integrate with our other tools.

Learn more about our webinars here.

Create promo pages quickly with the website builder

Magento, as flexible as it is, doesn’t offer much comfort when you need to create a simple landing page to launch a product, announce an event,  or run a promo.

Sometimes the confinement of the store is what restrains your creativity and the product’s potential.

So the next time you need to show a new amazing addition to your store or create an early bird signup page for a sale, you can do it using the GetResponse Website Builder. It’s easy to use, offers an abundance of predesigned templates, and can even use an AI to help you build the page.

This way you can reuse assets you already have, like your logo, store graphics, or product images, and assemble them into beautiful pages. All fully integrated (of course!) with other GetResponse tools.

Learn more about our Website Builder.
Click here for step-by-step guides on how to use Website Builder’s features.

GetResponse Website Builder premade templates examples.
Creating a promo page using predesigned templates can be very quick for your marketers when using GetResponse Website Builder.
Default Magento 2 page editor example.
While creating such a page in Magento is far more time- and resource-consuming.

Take your Magento 2 shop to the next level by using GetResponse

Magento 2 is undoubtedly an extremely valuable platform. It gives you a wide range of tools to adjust your shop to the needs of your customers and the specifications of your products.

GetResponse matches Magento perfectly, offering seamless integration so that you can sell more, connect with your customers, and build brand loyalty.

The integration saves you time and money by giving you access to visual editors, where no designers or developers are required, and by offering a huge library of premade content, both visual and written.
Top all of that with free image libraries from Shutterstock and Unsplash, and you have a complete tool set to take your business to the next level.

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Magdalena Kobylanska
Magdalena Kobylanska
Magdalena was an Ecommerce Marketing Specialist and a Junior Product Owner in GetResponse. She combines over 5 years of experience in being an online seller with 2 years of creating stores on various ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Presta, and WooCommerce. Adding in-depth knowledge about GetResponse platform, she's keen to share ideas and solutions for ecommerce owners. A severe case of travelling enthusiast, seeking castles, mountains, seas, and stories to paint them with watercolors.