Creating Pages That Convert #Infographic


Email campaigns often direct readers to landing pages enticing them to convert – sign up for a newsletter, request information, call, purchase products, etc. One of the key factors to achieve your goals and objectives is aiming your page at a specific group of recipients and actually creating different pages for different segments in your email list.

Today’s infographic explains the benefits of using multiple targeted landing pages and provides a quick action plan to start creating landing pages that convert.


Why separate landing pages?

  • It can help you generate proper leads more easily, as tracking page subscriptions enables short-listing the leads for sales.
  • It gives various offers a “home”- you can’t have everything on your main homepage.
  • It helps you collect prospects’ demographics. Visitors who fill out specific customer-oriented web forms become more than just an email.
  • It gives you insight into peoples’ engagement. You will quickly learn who is interested in your company, specific product category, particular type of content, etc.
  • It fuels other marketing channels. Landing pages go well not only with email, but also with social media, display ads, ppc, and more. However, you need to customize it for every channel you promote it with.
  • It gives you insight into your audience preferences. With many versions of a page you can test various approaches and decide which one is the most effective.


Where to start? Pages that convert

  • Target your list segments by sending them emails with different offers and links to various pages.
  • When creating your landing page remember about key factors that will help you optimize their performance (CTA, neat layout, simplicity, social proof, etc.).
  • Test various approaches and versions. You might get some interesting results. Modern technologies allow you to create and compare various ideas without limitations. Why not try it out?

This infographic will provide you with even more examples of best practices for landing pages. Take a look and let us know – what type of offer and creativity works best with your audience: a sense of scarcity and urgency, a free giveaway, social proofs, memorable images, or maybe something else. We’d really like to know!


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