Create a Father’s Day Email Marketing Campaign That Rocks

Father’s Day is fast approaching. I’ve decided to take a closer look at the emails in my inbox and check how email marketers tackle the upcoming celebration. I wanted to find out more about the latest trends that dominate Father’s Day communication. Take a look at what I have gathered and compared the presented ideas with your email marketing efforts. What is the father’s role in your strategy?

A carefully planned email campaign can serve many purposes. It’s a chance to build trust, develop strong relationships, educate subscribers about your products/services, engage the audience, and build up a community of raving fans – you name it, you can make it happen.

If you want to get spectacular email marketing results, you should prepare different kinds of messages and schedule them in your email calendar accordingly.

A Useful Reminder

In case of slightly less popular celebrations, such as Father’s Day (there are more, trust me!), the first message of the email cycle could serve as a useful reminder. I’m sure that most people on your email list are very busy. Constantly juggling various tasks, they could easy lose sight of the occasion – and let’s be honest, nobody wants to forget their dad!

Fortunately, your brand can send a reminder message: a carefully crafted email reminds subscribers that the 21st of June is coming up and it’s about time to think of a perfect present for their Dad. If not for your message, they could be easily taken by surprise.

The Little Pancake Company won’t let you forget about Father’s Day.

No Two Fathers Are The Same – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Choosing a gift is never easy. Which is why ideas are the another opportunity to reach out to your subscribers and help them by presenting the perfect Father’s Day gift they can give.

As an email marketer you need to recognize that each father is different and strongly demonstrate individual preferences. Most email messages emphasize the importance of finding the right present for the right Dad by sharing gift ideas and by usually allowing you to choose from a predefined set of products.

The key is personalization – try to offer available alternatives based on the customer activity. When a subscriber browses a certain product category (e.g., gifts up to 50$) and leaves without making a purchase, you could send a follow-up email with a selection of gifts based on that particular customer ‘s taste and within the preferred price range.

Tiffany reminds subscribers of the coming Father’s Day and invites them to celebrate big way this year offering a selection of its meticulously crafted designs.
Uncommon Goods provide 25 alternative ideas for a Father’s Day gift.

When Your Dad Is Hard To Buy For

Some people struggle to choose the right gift. Don’t leave those who can’t make up their mind empty handed – a nice looking gift card might be just what they need.

Try to tell them that “If you have always found it difficult to find the right present for your Dad and despite all those great emails flowing to your inbox you still don’t know what to buy – no worries. There are still a few things left for you to do in order to make your Dad feel special.”

Canva lets you create a personalized card for your Dad.
Canva lets you create a personalized card for your Dad.
Starbucks offers a Father’s Day Gift Guide and free shipping but you can also send your Dad a gift card.
Starbucks offers a Father’s Day Gift Guide and free shipping but you can also send your Dad a gift card.

Valuable Content

Email marketing is not just about sending sales messages. You don’t loose money, when you send emails packed with useful tips or when you send out crafted messages that simply happen to be entertaining.

, because it makes the communication with the audience more engaging – as a result more subscribers stay longer on the email list.

Useful tip: If you run a company blog, feel free to send an email with links to the posts that are in any way related to the celebration. If you don’t have the necessary resources to create content yourself, use links to other posts by popular bloggers.

The Honest Company sent a message with links to relevant posts on the company blog.
The Honest Company sent a message with links to relevant posts on the company blog.

Animated Content

Current email technology allows you to liven up your communication by using animated elements in your messages. Prepare special Father’s Day GIFs or cinemagraphs and check if they draw more attention and drive more conversion.

After analyzing all the Father’s Day campaigns in my inbox, I noticed that still only a few companies use animated content in their email marketing. This might be a perfect moment to stand out from the crowd and make your campaigns memorable.

The animated GIF from Uncommon Goods catches your eye and makes you want to click that message.
The animated GIF from Uncommon Goods catches your eye and makes you want to click that message.

Taking It All In

It’s time to wrap up and leave you with 7 actionable steps to success. Remember that in order to produce impressive results, you need to start planning your campaign before the actual Father’s Day. Use the checklist below to create an email marketing campaign that will knock your Dad’s socks off!

  • Remind the upcoming occasion at least a few days before
  • Bear in mind that no two Fathers are the same
  • Understand your audience and send them valuable content (not every message needs to be sales-oriented)
  • Provide alternative gift ideas – let your subscribers know all you have to offer
  • Offer something to those who have problems with finding the perfect present
  • Capture attention by adding animated elements to your email template
  • Track the results and measure KPIs so you can optimize the campaign next year.

What’s the most important element of Father’s Day email marketing campaign? Do you have any tried and tested ways to engage the audience on this particular occasion? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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