10 inspiring Father’s Day email examples and subject line ideas

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Father’s Day has always gotten less traction than Mother’s Day. Marketers used to leave out Father’s Day in their marketing efforts, but research shows this is quickly changing. 

Plus, 43% of people celebrating Father’s Day want to give their dads a unique and memorable gift. This represents a great opportunity for businesses – and one way to ensure potential clients are aware of your special Father’s Day sale is through email marketing.

If you’re planning to launch a Father’s Day email marketing campaign, we’ve prepared ten amazing Father’s Day email examples. We’ll also share some interesting tips and ideas on composing heartful and engaging messages. 

10 Father’s Day email examples

To get your creative gears turning, we’ve handpicked a collection of ten exceptional Father’s Day emails that showcase a range of effective strategies. 

From heartwarming narratives to powerful calls to action, these emails beautifully capture the essence of the occasion while staying true to each brand’s purpose. 

1. Make Dad’s Day by HydroFlask 

Playing to your brand’s strengths is a good idea. HydroFlask does this perfectly by creating an email campaign targeting outdoorsy dads, selling accessories designed for outdoors lovers. 

The email features an image of the product targeted to common dad-related personas (grilling genius, outdoorsman, craft beer enthusiast) and a prominent call-to-action button leading readers to a well-designed landing page.

We love the simplicity of the email’s subject line — Make Dad’s Day — and how well the campaign ties the brand’s products to the occasion. 

2. Happy Father’s Day Mailer by LongHorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse knows what it means to write a converting email. They sent out a special campaign catering to a dad-favorite interest — grilling.

The email header — Tell Dad We’re Doing The Grilling — is an immediate attention-grabber, and so is the subject line — Tell Dad to Take The Day Off.

Plus, the short and snappy “Treat Dad” CTA button compels viewers to click and make LongHorn Steakhouse a part of their Father’s Day celebration. 

3. Happy Father’s Day by Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak’s Happy Father’s Day newsletter hits the nail on the head when it comes to a thoughtful, realistic, and engaging email campaign. 

The emails feature photos of company employees with their children.

The fathers in the photos are dressed in branded clothing yet appear relaxed in everyday poses, making them more relatable. 

Readers looking for a Father’s Day gift can picture their own dads in these outfits and might be moved by the well-thought-out campaign to make a purchase and surprise their dads. 

4. Father’s Day Sale Email by Fragrance Direct

Conveying a sense of urgency with your email campaign can boost conversions significantly. Fragrance Direct’s newsletter does this by announcing a “Flash Sale — 24 Hours Only!” This lets viewers know time is running out. 

The brand also reminds customers of the date of Father’s Day, shares some custom gift suggestions to surprise dad, and offers an extra discount as a cherry on top. 

If you want to push customers to make a purchase, this CTA-driven, FOMO-inducing email is a sure way to achieve this. Plus, notice how the email puts CTAs in the right place — right under each gift suggestion.

5. Father’s Day Newsletter by LovelySkin

Not every email campaign is about usual dad jokes or promoting a product. Check this out:

LovelySkin’s contextual Father’s Day newsletter illustrates how to use this special day to appreciate your customers and build brand awareness and relationships. 

This Father’s Day newsletter celebrates the feeling of fatherhood, beginning by thanking the reader (for being a great dad) and featuring personalized comments from fathers on LovelySkin’s team. 

Amidst all the deal and discount extravaganza, crafting a simple, heartfelt newsletter can go a long way in capturing the recipient’s attention; LovelySkin does just that.

6. Get Fixed For Father’s Day by Brewers Faye

Sales and discount announcements can get customers clicking, but interactive emails work even better. 

For inspiration, check out this “Get Fixed For Father’s Day” email by Brewers Faye. Instead of sending a typical Father’s Day gift guide, this campaign plays to people’s love for quizzes and sends them an interactive quiz to find the perfect gift for their dad. 

Once the user answers all the questions, they see a CTA to click through to the website.

The email is simple, yet well-designed, with the “Take The Quiz” button popping out against the blue background. 

7. Universal Love For Dad by Jack Spade 

There are many types of fathers, but the love for dads is universal. 

Jack Spade’s campaign incorporates the many words of endearment children use for their dads, catering to a diverse audience. 

The tagline – Dad, Senior, Pops, Old Man, Pa, Father — is simple, unique, and effective. 

This campaign is a good example of how to appeal to a universal emotion in a way that drives your brand’s message home. 

8. Personalized Father’s Day Email by Casper 

Personalization is a sure way to increase conversions and show your subscribers you care. 

Casper’s personalized Father’s Day email campaign features a curated shopping list of top picks anyone’s dad will appreciate. It also features a powerful tagline — Don’t Forget Dad — to grab customer attention. 

The campaign includes a personalized shopping list, a special $25 discount, and a sweet coupon code (FORDAD) as the ultimate cherry on top. 

We believe this email is a great blend of promoting products and appealing to readers’ emotions. Make sure to check out these simple ways to personalize your emails.

9. Shop by Price by Card Factory

Not all shoppers have the same spending power, so you must cater to all gift budgets. If you’re including product recommendations in your email, shoppers may be less inclined to click through to your website if all products are outside their price range. 

Card Factory works around this problem by organizing Father’s Day gifts by price range. It gives customers clear options to select from by listing categories like “Under $5”, “Under $10”, “Under $15”, and so on. 

By adding clear price ranges, Card Factory increases the chances of click-throughs, letting customers know they have something to offer for every price range. 

10. Father’s Day Interactive Post by Puma

Puma’s Father’s Day campaign makes picking a gift easier than ever. The email mentions several categories of dads — rad dad, weekend dad, sporty dad, and classic dad — sharing specialized gifting suggestions for each category. 

The “Shop Now” buttons under each category ensure customers can easily click through to the specific page that catches their attention. 

How to write Father’s Day email campaigns

Creating unique Father’s Day email campaigns isn’t easy. Your campaign must stand out in crowded inboxes and convert readers into buyers. 

But it’s not impossible as we’ve just seen ten brands nail it.  Here are ten tips to help you beat their campaigns.

Don’t be afraid to get emotional

Stories that touch the heart are integral to a memorable Father’s Day campaign. Research shows that 71% of customers recommend a brand based on their emotional connection to it. 

Whether it’s a heartwarming memory, personalized employee comments, or relatable dad-themed jokes, tapping into emotions can help your email stand out. 

Plus, successful Father’s Day campaigns in recent years go beyond the usual stereotypical he-man product assortments. 

Most of them are tapping into the emotional aspect of Father’s Day — from quiet messages of strength and support to recognition of the struggles and joys of fatherhood. 

Using these messages can help strike a chord with your readers and ensure your brand stands out in the inbox over the typical “goofy dad” messages. 

Use inclusive language

Families are diverse and so are the fathers that hold them together. Use inclusive language in your campaign — a basic copywriting tip — to cater to this diversity. 

Avoid limiting vocabulary like “biological fathers,” which can alienate a certain percentage of your recipients. Instead, embrace the many types and quirks of fathers and father figures around the globe and make them feel seen and appreciated in your messaging. 

Make sure to segment your email list

Segment your email list and create relevant messages for each kind of recipient. For instance, send gift reminders and sales messages to your younger audience and messages of appreciation and recognition to the fathers in your email list. 

Here are two other criteria you can consider: 

  • Purchase history – Analyzing purchase history can help you make your campaign more relevant. For instance, segment your email list according to the kind of perfume customers bought earlier and send them curated suggestions to purchase as Father’s Day gifts this time around. 
  • Customer engagement – If some readers don’t visit or shop from you often, send them reminder emails and suggest last-minute gifts for Father’s Day. For regular shoppers, announce exciting new deals they can get their hands on before time runs out. 

Keep in mind that countries celebrate Father’s Day on different days. That means you must segment your list based on when they celebrate Father’s Day to make your campaign relevant to your international audience.  

Join in on the festivities

The age of black-and-white adverts and boring, lifeless campaigns is long over. Father’s Day is a joyful occasion — so join in on the festivities. 

Use your emails to transport your readers into the joyful celebrations of Father’s Day. Use vivid imagery, bright colors, and upbeat language that embodies the festivities of this special holiday. 

Include pictures of fathers and kids, throw a joke or two, and keep your language light and playful. 

Promote a cause

Customers love businesses that give back to the community, so if your brand is committed to a cause, now is the time to highlight it. 

You can add a line or two about your brand’s charitable endeavors, especially if they’re related to fatherhood and family. Include powerful statistics and highlight how customers can contribute to this cause by purchasing with your brand. 

Remember to have a laugh

Goofy dads are featured in many Father’s Day campaigns for good reason. It’s a rite of passage that fathers will embarrass you with cringe dad jokes in front of your friends or bizarre outfit choices when shopping in public. 

But this also means that humor in a Father’s Day campaign will resonate with your customers and remind them why we love our goofy dads the best. 

A well-put dad joke, a great pun, and fun imagery are great ways to make your campaign good-natured and light-hearted. 

Laughing with your subscribers while celebrating a day they care deeply about can help humanize your brand and make customers feel good about buying from you. Plus, funny subject lines are an excellent way to ensure your emails are opened.

Throw in some gift ideas

Having a curated list of Father’s Day gift ideas takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift. If you’ve curated a collection of Father’s Day gifts, make sure to highlight this in your email. 

Categorize the gifts you’re promoting and include details about special deals or discounts to reel customers in. 

This shows subscribers that you understand their needs and are offering thoughtful suggestions to simplify their decision-making process during this celebratory season. 

Also, always include images with quick CTAs leading to your site. Including images will make your offer more attractive — your audience can picture their dads (or even themselves) enjoying your products, making the offers more enticing. 

Include testimonials 

Customers love hearing from other customers — you can use this to your advantage in your Father’s Day campaign.

Share a testimonial email that features happy customer reviews, ratings, or stories about how your gift ideas made dads happy. 

You can also ask loyal customers for pictures of them using your products and include short testimonials to let prospective customers know your gift recommendations were a hit. 

Cater to the procrastinators

When time’s running out, send special emails to the procrastinators and forgetful shoppers to remind them the clock’s ticking. 

Give them a countdown and offer a last-minute gift solution such as free Father’s Day gift cards, a digital e-gift download, or an instant delivery option. 

Give an opt-out option

Father’s Day can be a sensitive subject for many individuals. That’s why offering your customers an option to exclude themselves from your email list is a good idea. 

While this may not seem like an effective campaign idea, it shows that your brand is sensitive and caters to the emotional needs of its audience. That helps establish customer trust and loyalty. 

Plus, Gmail and Yahoo now mandate that senders enable a one-click unsubscribe option and handle unsubscribe requests within two days to address this issue.

To do this, send a simple email with the preference management link included. The email doesn’t have to be long — just express concern, let your customers know you care and suggest clicking the link in case someone wants to opt out.

Father’s Day Email Subject Line Ideas

No matter how good your emails are, they’ll fail without an equally good subject line. We’ve compiled a list of 25 unique Father’s Day subject lines to ensure you get the most out of your emails. 

  1. Every Dad Has His Day 
  2. Make Dad’s Day 
  3. Don’t Blow Another Father’s Day! 
  4. Best Gifts To Spoil Your Dad 
  5. Father’s Day Deals Your Dad Will Love 
  6. Be Dad’s Favorite With This Father’s Day Gift 
  7. Here’s To Dads 
  8. Make Dad Proud With These Super Offers 
  9. What Dad Really Wants This Father’s Day 
  10. Celebrate Dad – And Save $10! 
  11. Top Picks For Dad 
  12. The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift 
  13. Dad Deserves The Best 
  14. Dress Up Dad This Father’s Day 
  15. Dad’s Gonna Love This! 
  16. Dad Deals (For the GrillMaster, Sports Dad, and More!) 
  17. Thank You, Dad! 
  18. What Does Dad Really Want? 
  19. Dad-liest Catch – Get 30% Off Now! 
  20. Plants For Pop 
  21. A Toast To Dad 
  22. A Gentleman’s Choice 
  23. Cheers To The Men Who Raised Us 
  24. Fit Dad, Happy Dad 
  25. Game On, Dad

It’s a good idea to experiment and see which Father’s Day subject lines work best.

Send Your Father’s Day Emails With GetResponse

Every year, people spend billions for their fathers, so putting extra effort into your Father’s Day email campaign is worth it. 

Not only can you tap into a huge market of eager gift shoppers, but also build customer relationships and brand affinity that every business needs. 

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