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15 innovative June newsletter ideas to boost your email campaign

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June is an exciting month filled with a good number of notable dates. It’s also when summertime falls, which explains the air of relief that comes along. 

In June, you’ll find special days like Father’s Day, Summer Solstice celebration, and so on. You’ll also get a blast of month-long events like the National Smile Month. So, you’ll agree that it’s a perfect time to maintain connections with your audience and engage them in a meaningful way.

If you’re looking for creative ways to engage your audience, we’ve put together some June holidays and newsletter ideas to inspire you. 

Let’s jump in!

1. Summer Solstice Celebration

The summer solstice, the longest day of the year in June, presents an exciting opportunity to engage with your email audience. It’s usually around June 20th or 21st, so you want to be timely with your email. 

Go in with a lighthearted email to capture the vibrant feeling that comes with the season. You can offer some summer-themed tips like Sauna House in the example below. 

June Newsletter Ideas - Sauna House promoting summer activities and hydration products.


Sauna House also offered their audience a special offer to enjoy the summer solstice. 

Sauna House promoting new Hot Laps experience for the summer.

Typical outdoor or recreational brands like beauty shops, sports brands, camping gear companies, and even fitness studios can join the summer solstice celebration. 

But it’s not limited to them. Other brands can also jump on the summer solstice celebration by showcasing nice summer-friendly products. Here’s an excellent example from Aurate’s email newsletter:

Aurate promoting summer-themed jewelry with orange slices and gold chains.


Additionally, you can adopt a nice summer-themed email campaign around this period. See this example from Modcloth:

ModCloth announcing restocked favorite styles with a sky background.


You can also offer exclusive Solstice deals that encourage subscribers to buy your products. 

2. Father’s Day Celebration

Dads deserve to be celebrated in style, and that’s what we get to do on Father’s Day, which is on the third Sunday of June.

Share a well-crafted email, portraying dads as the heroes they are. Take a cue from this remarkable example by Hydroflask:

Hydro Flask promoting Father's Day gifts with an outdoor camping theme.

In the above example, Hydroflask shares a compelling Father’s Day message while staying on brand. They also didn’t hesitate to feature a befitting product (the nice blue mug) for the occasion. 

Additionally, you can share a Father’s Day gift guide based on the products you have in stock. See the example below from Art of Play.

Art of Play featuring unique Father's Day gifts with product images.


What can you adopt from the above example? One notable aspect is the clean and organized presentation of products in the email. 

Additionally, the heading “Father’s Day Gifts That Don’t Suck” is both clever and appealing. They also included a thoughtful gift — so the campaign wasn’t just about selling but giving back. 

You can also throw in a sweet discount like Shoott. See the example below:

June Newsletter Ideas - Shoott offering a Father's Day photography gift discount.


Remember to use a catchy subject line to boost your email open rates. Shoott does this well in its email campaign—20% off Gift for Dad—and we can’t deny the effectiveness of sultry discounts sticking out to recipients in their mailboxes. 

Discount coupons are also a great idea. Consider using fun coupon codes like “LOVEDAD” “DAD2024,” or something similar. 

If you’re not offering a discount, you can try out subject lines that sum up your email content. For instance, if you’re sharing a gift guide, you could use something like “Cool Father’s Day gift ideas for Dad” or “What Dad Really Wants This Year”. 

It’s Father’s Day, so feel free to get creative.

3. World Environment Day

World Environment Day, observed on June 5th, is a global initiative to raise awareness about crucial environmental issues. 

You can use this day to share stories about what your business is doing to promote sustainability.  Here’s a good example from Athletic Brewing:

Athletic Brewing highlighting their environmental initiatives and volunteer work.


We like that Athletic Brewing strengthened its message by providing specific numbers. For instance, they indicated they had given up to $2 million to protect outdoor spaces. 

Adding actual figures and an image of their team at work allowed them to provide concrete evidence of their commitment to protecting the environment. How’s that for leading by example and inspiring your audience to take action? 

So, when crafting your email, think of ways to make your message more impactful, especially since the aim is to convey an important message.

Also, if, like Finn, you offer sustainable or eco-friendly products, it’ll be a good opportunity to provide a discount to your customers. See the example below:

June Newsletter Ideas - Finn promoting sustainable supplements for dogs on Earth Day.


While Finn didn’t go all out about its activities, it included a message showing how its product contributes to a cleaner environment. The playful prompt “Who’s a good human” subtly nudges subscribers to feel good about choosing a sustainable brand like Finn. 

If your brand generally has a playful tone, you can still relay important information without losing your voice.

You can also show your commitment to a safe environment by sharing an inspiring message that educates your audience on how to consciously protect the environment. 

In the spirit of supporting a good cause, your summer newsletter can also encourage readers to donate to a trusted non-profit that’s known to promote environmental awareness.

You can adopt a similar campaign on World Rainforest Day, which will take place on June 22nd.

4. National Donut Day

This holiday often falls on the first Friday of June, which means it will be on June 7th this year. 

The holiday presents a perfect opportunity to reach your audience with a sweet email drip. Especially if you run a bakery, cafeteria, fast food, or have a related brand in the food industry.

Since the day generally has a playful vibe, you want to keep your email fun and simple. Here’s a great example from Dunkin:

Dunkin' celebrating National Donut Day with a free donut offer.


Dunkin’s email has a vibrant yet simple design. The messaging is also clear, concise, and effective enough to entice subscribers.

You can add this holiday to your June newsletter ideas even if you’re not a food brand. See what J.Crew does in the example below:

J.Crew promoting their Even Sweeter Sale with extra 40% off final sale styles.


J.Crew’s donut-themed email takes advantage of the “donut day” buzz, and its copy is carefully crafted to highlight key offerings in the store. Same with the “Treat Yourself” call to action. What do you think about the play of words? It’s exciting, right? 

With a bit of creativity, you can turn a seemingly unrelated holiday into an engaging email campaign opportunity for your brand.

Also, ensure your email subject line is fun and attention-grabbing. For instance, you can try something like “Some sweet deals on donut day”, “We’ve got freebies you Donut want to miss,” and so on. 

5. Summer Reading List Recommendations

For some, summer is often a great period for lounging by the poolside and reading something interesting. Why not take advantage of this with a good summer reading list email? 

One good thing about curating a reading list is you get to connect with your audience and show that you’re big on insightful habits. Curating a list based on your subscribers’ demographics or interests is more effective. The reading list could include articles published on your blog, books you like, or both. 

Your email could be something like what we have in the example below:

Collection of AI resources for UX design from Maze.


If you run a bookstore, it’ll be a good idea to curate a reading list based on available books. That’s what Lovereading does in the example below:

June Newsletter Ideas - LoveReading promoting new book releases and special offers.


Whether it’s a book or blog reading list, adding a brief description of each recommendation is helpful. This allows you to highlight why it’s a worthy read. Also, add a link or CTA button to your website, where subscribers can get more details.

If you’re a coach or course creator, you could tweak this a little by sharing some online course recommendations with your audience. 

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6. National Smile Month

National Smile Month, which usually runs through June, presents an opportunity for you to spread joy and connect with your team. The purpose is mostly to raise awareness about the importance of good oral hygiene and dental care. So, that’s another idea worth exploring in your June newsletter.

Obviously, this is perfect for dental brands. You can send an email focused on promoting healthy habits and general well-being. If you’re a dentist, you can offer a free or discounted consultation. If you sell dental products, it’ll also be nice to offer discounts. 

Let’s see an example from My Pharmacy:

My Pharmacy promoting dental care products for National Smile Month.


Here’s what you can emulate: My Pharmacy adds a simple and clear message to show its commitment to oral health and well-being. They also offered a discount coupon and rounded up some resources on proper oral hygiene. Overall, the email is direct and straight to the point.

Here’s another example from Smiletime, which is an oral care brand:

My Pharmacy promoting dental care products for National Smile Month.


Smiletime’s email is more colorful, which syncs well with its brand style. It also promotes a Star product called “Sonic Smile” and highlights its benefits. We like that it added a couple of other products and used a catchy discount code, “SMILE15.”

At the bottom of the email, Smiletime makes good use of social proof. They share pictures of people (probably influencers) with Smiletime products and a bright smile on their faces. Here’s a clearer view:

SmileTime promoting National Smile Month with discounts on oral care products.

It’s advisable to use a message that can help you highlight the value of your products. For instance, you could provide tips for brushing or flossing properly and showcase products that can help customers do that. Or, you could simply highlight the benefits of a healthy smile and how your products are helpful.

You can send emails throughout the month to remind subscribers about your offer and encourage them to take advantage of it.

7. Summer Travel Tips

Summer equals travel time. So, how about some insightful travel tips for your readers? This is one of the June newsletter ideas that any brand can jump on. Of course, you can creatively make it relevant to your products or services.

Here’s a good example from Atlantic Luggage:

Atlantic Luggage offering summer travel tips and TSA advice.


We like how the copy in Atlantic Travel’s email reads like poetry. They were also clear about what they wanted to help the reader achieve—navigating through airport terminals with ease. If you’re leading subscribers to a blog post, a captivating description can help you trigger faster clicks. 

In another example, Larken offers some styling tips for their audience.

Larken featuring summer styling tips and Memorial Day promotions.


Notice that Larken infuses its products into each suggestion in addition to giving tips. You can do this as well.

For this June newsletter, you can craft an email packed with helpful and informative hacks, for instance, packaging tips, budget-friendly travel ideas, or even some destination-specific advice. It’s also advisable to incorporate a summer-themed design into your email. 

Consider engaging subject lines like: “Embrace the great outdoors with these summer tips,” “Tips for enjoying your summer vacation,” “Summer inspiration tips,” etc.

8. Pride Month Celebration

Pride Month is another notable event in June. It’s a global celebration of LGBTQ+ identities. You can participate to show support for those in your audience. 

Like Marc Jacobs, you can do this with a simple message in your email:

Marc Jacobs promoting Pride Month collection with rainbow-themed products.


Pride month campaigns are often colorful. So you can play around with some creative ideas. 

Haskell promoting a new collection of sunglasses for LGBTQ+ Pride month.


Also, feel free to showcase some products that may be fitting—like Warby Parker in the above example.

For both campaigns, you’ll notice that even with the inclusion of colors, the brands maintained a simple yet engaging email design.

9. National Best Friends Day

This is another heartwarming opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level. The holiday often falls on June 8th.

You can craft an email that celebrates the power of friendship and use that to promote your brand in a positive light. See this example from Woom:

Woom celebrating National Best Friends Day with a special offer on bikes for friends.


We love what Woom did with their campaign. Customers can gift their friends 25% off their first Woom bike. In return, the customer gets a $25 reward on their next purchase. This win-win idea is worth considering in your next campaign.

The highlight of this newsletter idea is that it’s pretty relatable to a broad audience—because friendships are precious! Here’s another example from Doughp:

Doughp celebrating National Best Friend's Day with two women enjoying cookie dough.


We love that Dough’s messaging feels so personal. Also, they didn’t hesitate to present a relevant offer for the occasion. 

In your campaign, don’t hesitate to throw in friendship gift guides, special gift packages, a summer sale, or even discounts. You can encourage your audience to share inspiring stories of their friendships over the years and feature them in your email content. This can be done as a grand campaign on your social media platforms or even via a few email drips before the big day.

10. Summer Fitness Challenge

One interesting thing about summer is that it brings a heightened interest in fitness for some people. You can tap into this energy by promoting a fitness challenge in your June newsletter. This is a big flex if you’re a fitness brand, coach, or course creator. 

Here’s an example from Tone It Up:

Tone It Up promoting a new workout program with outdoor exercise images.


So, consider offering your audience a well-structured fitness challenge to make the summer more engaging. You can include complete workout routines and health recipes or share tips to help them stay on track.

11. National Ice Cream Month Preview

July is the designated National Ice Cream Month. But who says we can’t make noise about it in your June newsletter?

A nice idea would be to spark curiosity with a teaser email. Just like what J.Crew (which is not an Ice cream store) below:

J.Crew promoting their Even Sweeter Sale with extra 40% off final sale styles.


An email like the above can lead to a well-detailed landing page highlighting your exciting product offers for July. Again, you can make the Ice Cream Day email relevant to your brand using a thoughtful landing page copy and themed design.

So, get into your subscribers’ inboxes with a nice preview of what you have in store for them. It could be a new product, a special discount, or something as exciting. 

Brave Robot promoting an upcoming product launch with a countdown.

Of course, if you run an ice cream business, this campaign is a no-brainer for you— so feel free to promote discounts, sales, or other attractive offerings you may have for your customers. Or, like the above example from Brave Robot, you could do a countdown towards the end of June. Just think of a creative way to build anticipation with your audience.

12. Healthy BBQ Recipes

This is a great June newsletter for grocery stores, food stores, health coaches, and similar brands. Sharing healthy barbecue recipes is one way to help your audience enjoy their summer cravings in grand style. 

Here’s an example from Bon Appetit’s email “59 Grilling Recipes to Carry You Through Summer.”

Bon Appétit featuring grilling recipes and summer cookout tips.


In the email, Bon Appetit curated healthy recipes from their blog with a clear “read more” call to action. We like the variety of options, which makes it easy for the audience to find something they like. 

Let’s see another example:

Graza featuring a summer recipe guide with grilled corn and tabbouleh salad.


Graza starts with a subject line that sparks curiosity— Guess how many recipes— which is good. The email also has a playful tone and vibrant use of colors. This is something you can adopt if it fits your brand.

13. World Music Day

World Music Day is an international celebration held annually on June 21st. It’s a joyous day dedicated to recognizing the power and diversity of music from all corners of the globe. This is one of those days when the music industry comes alive with free public concerts, performances, and events.

If your brand is involved in any musical event, such as a concert or workshop, you can use your email to spread the word and encourage attendance. See the example below.

Thunder Music promoting live music event in San Francisco.


You can also get creative by compiling an interesting playlist on music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music and sharing it with your subscribers.

14. Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Month, observed every June, aims to raise awareness about men’s physical and mental health issues. The campaign encourages men to prioritize their well-being.

Of course, medical or health and wellness brands can easily use this campaign to engage their email subscribers. Also, if you’re a sportswear or male clothing brand or cater to a male audience with your products or services, you can create special offerings for this event. 

Here’s an example template:

Brutality promoting Men's Health Week with discounted sporting goods.


You can take advantage of the peak campaign period, “Men’s Health Week,” which falls between June 10th and 16th this year. 

Your email can also include tips encouraging your audience to build healthy habits. 

15. National Picnic Day

We celebrate National Picnic Day, or International Picnic Day, on June 18th. This holiday offers another opportunity to connect with your audience through a warm email. The aim is to celebrate the beauty of spending quality time outdoors.

Material featuring perfect picnic kits for park outings.


Like the above, you can send an email to provide helpful tips for planning a perfect picnic and include some relevant outdoor products in stock.

Before wrapping things up, here’s a list of other special holidays you can take advantage of for your June newsletters:

  • Flip a Coin Day – June 1st
  • Global Day of Parents – June 1st
  • World Bicycle Day – June 3rd
  • National Cheese Day – June 4th
  • National Gardening Exercise Day – June 6th
  • Name Your Poison Day – June 8th
  • Iced Tea Day – June 10th
  • National Peanut Butter Cookie – June 12th
  • National Sewing Machine Day – June 13th
  • National Flag Week – June 9th –15th
  • Nature Photography Day – June 15th
  • National Vegetable Day – June 17th
  • International Yoga Day – June 21st
  • National Selfie Day – June 21st
  • National Camera Day – June 29th
  • Hug Holiday – June 29th

Although these are mostly non-traditional events in June, they allow you to reach your target audience and stay on trend creatively. Whether to inspire, celebrate, or run a subtle sales promotion, you get to put your brand in the spotlight and show customers you’re thinking about them.

In Closing

June kicks off summer with noteworthy holidays. The month includes a series of day/week-long events and holidays that present opportunities to connect with your audience through engaging emails. 

In this post, you saw several innovative June newsletter ideas to help you create engaging email campaigns that resonate with your subscribers.

Themes like the Summer Solstice Celebration, World Environment Day, Father’s Day Celebration, Best Friends Day, National Ice Cream Month, etc., provide an opportunity for heartfelt campaigns. 

Now, you can embrace the summer vibes by adopting these ideas! We hope you found something to help you get creative and craft email marketing campaigns that delight your subscribers.

Nael Chhaytli
Nael Chhaytli
Nael Chhaytli is a Digital Marketing Expert and a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at GetResponse with a diverse background in marketing specializations. He has used his expertise to drive success and growth for businesses in the service, SaaS, and e-commerce sectors.