Case Scenario: Autoresponders for Daily Deals


For daily deal sites email has always been the primary means of communication. And they’re probably one of the few types of businesses where an email a day is acceptable by the subscribers (or even desirable, though tiring at times). For the sender the question is, with this kind of frequency and volume of emails, how can you optimize your email marketing while still keeping it interesting for the subscribers? Automation is the key.


In another case scenario for using Autoresponders 2.0, we took a closer look at how automated messages can work for daily deals. We’re describing a few tactics that might be very useful but of course these are just examples. What’s more, they can actually be used in other industries, too.


Watch the video below to see the four tactics we mention:


  1. Send a welcome email immediately after sign-up.
  2. Schedule a message sequence over a specified time period to introduce your offer or add some tips. Set the emails to be sent at the same time of day, preferably in the morning when inbox engagement is high (for best send times check our infographic).
  3. Follow your subscribers’ preferences. Send the offers according to what links they clicked in previous emails (setting up the “Clicked” autoresponder). If your subscriber changes their preferences or details such as the city they live in on your site, automatically send them tailored messages based on the new interests or location (setting up the “Data changed” autoresponder).
  4. Say thank you! Use the “Goal reached” autoresponder to be able to send customized messages after a purchase that originated from your newsletter.



Find out more about the different types of Autoresponders and how to use them here.


Stay tuned for more. What kind of industry-related use scenario would you like to see next?

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