7 Business Tools for Keeping a Close Relationship with Customers


When you operate a business, you know that it takes a lot of effort to bring in customers, and even more of an effort to keep them. It’s important that you keep a close relationship with your customers. This is going to keep your business fresh in their minds, and as long as they are happy with your services, they are going to continue doing business with you.

They’re also going to refer your business to others, which will help you grow. In order to maintain these close business/customer relationships, you need to use the right tools.

Here are eight of our favorite business tools for helping business owners to stay close to their customers.

1. Ramen

Your customers are what make your business a success, so you need to know what they really want. You can use Ramen to get the answers to your questions. This advanced targeting engine will let you ask (the right) questions that people actually respond to, so you can get the answers that will help you to continue giving your customers what they want and need. You will ask your unique target audience questions, find out how people are using features, and how to validate new features by asking users what they think of their experience.


2. GetResponse

GetResponse offers a complete suite of simple yet powerful features, scaled, and customized for small and large companies alike. The platform helps to design, implement, and track digital marketing activities. Companies can do that using marketing automation, autoresponders, webinars, landing pages, advanced analytics, CRM, and over 50 other features.

3. Respond

Most of the tools you see for social media are for marketing, and not for customer retention. This is a tool that is different from the rest because it does focus on helping you keep customers. It was created to help support teams perform in sync, to ensure that customers always receive the absolute best service, and receive it quickly. All of your Facebook and Twitter messages, mentions, etc. will be in one convenient inbox so you can manage it easily.


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4. Heap

Wading through user analytics can be a real pain, and not all of us are up for the challenge. But, this tool will make it a whole lot easier. It will get rid of the annoying parts of the analytics, so you just get the insights you need to make your services desirable for your customers and your future customers. All of your user data is stored in one place, and each user action is immediately captured so you know what your customers are doing, and what they want.


5. Recurly

A great way to get new customers is to give them something, such as a subscription product. This tool has features that are designed to help you to be able to easily grow a subscription business. Get everything you need from multiple billing models, payment options, plan management, revenue recognition, taxes, fraud management, trials and setup fees, and so many other options that will help your subscription business.


6. Natero

This is customer success software for your business. You can use it to get the most customer lifetime value, and accelerate the growth of your business. This tool will help you to retain and grow your customer base, manage the lifecycle of your customers, and gain valuable insights as to what your customers want and need. You will have access to email campaigns, machine learning, customer health scores, workflows and playbooks, and more.

7. Totango

Here is a tool that will monitor all customer health signals to help you learn how to better engage with them to retain (and increase) your customer base. You can use it to manage complex customer relationships, understand the health of customer profiles, and save time and resources by using automated programs.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the business tools that you should be using in order to have better relationships with your customers. Use them to get the information you need that will help to create these relationships, and you will achieve success.

Do you have any tools that you use to keep a close relationship with customers? Share your choices in the comments below.

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