Back to School in Style: Tips for Campaign Success
by Hanna Andrzejewska last updated on 0

Back to School in Style: Tips for Campaign Success

The back-to-school period is the second-biggest shopping season. This year, total spending for back-to-school and college is projected to reach $83.8 billion (source: National Retail Federation). This translates to $688.62 spent per child. With August coming to an end, this is the time to start thinking about your back-to-school campaign.

The marketing segment that can be addressed successfully with a school supplies offer is quite substantial and has distinctive features that facilitate segmentation.

Though men spend more on their children’s back-to-school kit, it’s women aged 25-40 who comprise the majority of your potential audience. Teenagers and kids who either do their own shopping or significantly influence parents’ spending are also a large group.

Here are just a few quick tips to address this heterogeneous group effectively.

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Give them what they want. Parents want success for their children. Children want peer group appreciation. Make sure your call to action matches the recipient’s desires and that it’s strong enough to persuade.

Here are just a few examples of nice subject lines – each aimed at a different audience:

Get Back to School in Style

Comfort Re-Imagined + Save 25% on Back-to-School

Cool for School: Back-to-School Essentials from the Guggenheim Store

Where to Stash Your September Essentials

Trend Checklist: Back-to-School Cool

Also – be sure to segment your lists accordingly.


According to the NRF savvy shoppers shop and compare online more and more often. A complete school kit (including shoes and clothes) is a serious expense for moms and dads, so they compare, scan, shop around. You need to address this shopping style:

– Have readymade offers and hot deals waiting in their inboxes

– Offer multiple price variants 

– Provide more-for-less promotions

– Add a freebie


A back-to-school kit includes a lot of items – typical stationary supplies, uniforms, PE outfits, shoes, electronics and more. Even if your store doesn’t furnish all those needs, you can provide valuable and engaging content such as an exhaustive shopping checklist – parents will thank you.


The back-to-school shopping season starts as early as the end of July, but it’s not over after September 1st. If you haven’t made it for “early buyer deals,” try to grab last-minute shoppers, procrastinators, overworked single parents and deal seekers with super deals and convenient delivery options. This gives you an edge over your competition.

Back to school is also back to college. This opens the door for merchants other than school-supplies retailers. Students seek deals for everything: rental apartments, affordable meals, clothes, holiday breaks, electronics etc. Even Victoria’s Secret managed to find its place in the trend.


Use GetResponse Email Creator to produce great last-minute newsletters. Grab readymade templates for the education industry and slick them up with our 1000+ iStock photos, or add your own – all completed in minutes.

The school year start is a great way to launch a new line of products or re-launch last year’s bestsellers. It’s a great attention-catcher and win-back bait. So even if you haven’t started thinking about it yet – grab the opportunity to create a great last minute offer and get your share of the revenue it produces.

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