7 Halloween Email Treats: Examples, Tips, & Best Practices
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7 Halloween Email Treats: Examples, Tips, & Best Practices

Ready for sweet success that won’t give you headache this Halloween season? We’ve got a bag full of tips and tricks that will help you connect with your audience to get more customers and sales all before it’s even time to start carving those pumpkins.

First off, the biggest thing to keep in mind is you do not need to be a “Halloween brand” or have literal “Halloween products” to offer to take advantage of increased engagement and sales during the Halloween season.

Sure, it’s still a long way away, but people are researching and thinking about Halloween already. The minute it hits September, Halloween is in the air and on people’s minds.

A great Halloween email can make your audience smile and feel like a kid again, which puts them in the palm of your hand. Get ready to create catchy Halloween phrases with our insights into the very best Halloween email examples and how to create a hair-raising Halloween newsletter with eye-catching Halloween subject lines.

We’re going to show you how to leverage the season and holiday even if you don’t have anything Halloween-y to offer! 🎃👻🤩

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About Halloween 2020

This year is obviously a bit different than years past, but people are still looking to Halloween as a time to celebrate and bring some joy into their lives. In the current situation, people are spending more time online and shopping digitally than ever before.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that people just want to feel they are being treated genuinely, by a real person, much the same as you expect as well.

A recent survey found a lot of parents believe Halloween is more important than ever this year to show that it can still be fun and a good time instead of an embodiment of how 2020 has gone most of the time.

People are looking to Halloween as a major marker for this year on all sides of the equation, from consumers to business, adults and children alike.

Online movie clubs, book clubs, costume contests every week, candy trades through ordering online, being creative and clever is what Halloween the spirit is all about.

An estimated $8 billion was spent on Halloween in 2019, and in general it’s been $7-8 billion in the US, which means people do love getting into the Halloween spirit, and it is a time to unite and feel some positivity – even during a spooky holiday (and year). 

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7 sweet Halloween email examples

Though it might not seem like the ideal time to connect with your customers, Halloween actually offers up a great chance to engage your audience in a playful yet meaningful way that can help you sell more throughout the holiday season.

We rounded up some of our favorite examples of a perfect Halloween email, each of which you can use as your own Halloween newsletter template or take pieces from each and create your own sensational Halloween email.

1. Harry’s

Subject line: Ding dong! Here with tips, tricks, and treats

The subject line even plays off of Halloween by making you think of a doorbell, the classic sign that someone is at your door. During Halloween, that means a trick-or-treater is at your door, hoping for a treat.

Example of a very creative and interesting halloween email from Harrys.
Example of a good-looking and creative halloween email from Harry’s. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Why it’s so sweet

Here is a perfect example of a brand that has no Halloween products, is not a Halloween brand, and basically, you would never associate with Halloween.

That is the brilliance in this email. Take a moment to soak it in, because the title is perfect, the imagery is striking and engaging, and the way they present an offer based on Halloween without having anything to do with Halloween is inspiring.

Start with the title, they think of something Halloween-related and immediately relate it to images associated with Halloween. They use classic characters and put them in scenarios that are relatable to anyone reading the email – shaving and grooming. They give it a very light-hearted feel and the copy plays off of Halloween with each image.

The email closes on a strong note, saying “treat yourself” and presenting their offer in a very relaxed, non-forceful manner by offering a free trial and they even use great copy on the CTA by saying, “Redeem Trial” in an effort to let you know it’s already there for you, you just need to redeem it.

The email isn’t cluttered, it doesn’t try and present a ton of links, it doesn’t go in-depth on the brand even. They know that this is about getting people to click the CTA and start a free trial, based on how clever this Halloween campaign is. There is a clear goal and clear vision and they execute it perfectly.

What could have been better?

We would have liked to see them post their social media channels at the bottom, but overall, there is not a lot to nitpick here.

2. Crocs

Subject line: Croctober is here. Halloween is near!

This subject line is catchy because it plays off the month by adding their brand into it, making an aspect of the season unique to them (October + Crocs = Croctober). While taking this exact path is probably not ideal for every brand, it’s another instance of taking something not particularly Halloween and making it in line with the spirit of the season.

Themed halloween newsletter from Crocs with a clever, rhymic halloween subject line.
Themed halloween newsletter from Crocs with a pretty catchy subject line.

Why it’s so sweet

Here’s another brand that isn’t necessarily in the Halloween business, but they have products that definitely can be presented as a Halloween offering. When you think of Halloween, you don’t generally think about footwear.

Yet Crocs found a way to integrate themselves and their brand into the Halloween spirit, and to put intelligent fun into their content. They don’t aim for a fancy overhaul of their imagery or footwear, and they give you a comforting mental image of being comfortable while you are trick-or-treating. That means being comfortable all the time, so these shoes fit the holiday season and are good for the rest of the year as well.

They present a special offer right at the top with free shipping. They put a simple spider web as a backdrop to their shoes to make it more of a Halloween email, and the CTA is simple and prompts you to go visit their site. They also add a specialty collection at the bottom allowing any of their products to become Halloween-appropriate by simply putting charms on any of their shoes, thereby expanding their seasonal offering.

What could they have potentially done better?

The backdrop is a bit simplistic, but they also want to have the focus on the shoe, not the background. A few more assets at the top or the bottom could have helped too.

3. Dunkin Donuts

Subject line: Click Your Treat and Earn 3X Points

The subject line even plays off of Halloween by making you think of a doorbell, the classic sign that someone is at your door. During Halloween, that means a trick-or-treater is at your door, hoping for a treat.

Dunkin’ Donuts halloween newsletter featuring a 3x points offer for their loyalty card members.
Dunkin’ Donuts halloween newsletter with their special 3x points promo. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Why it’s so sweet

Once more we present how-to take advantage of an opportunity by using creativity and understanding your audience. Dunkin’ Donuts is mostly known for their coffee, and of course, donuts. Yet here they are with a Halloween offer, without even presenting some Halloween flavored latte or donut.

The title is fantastic, with “Click Your Treat” instantly making you think of “Trick-or-Treat”. They show the offer right next to the title with the circle saying “3X POINTS” letting you know they have something special for you, so keep reading.

The offer is for people who have an account, so they know people are interested in their offers and will want to take advantage of this special. They demonstrate three products with a CTA for each which takes the one offer and expands it to show more of their products, and to give customers three different ways to take action.

What could they have potentially done better?

The email isn’t necessarily visually appealing, but they stick with their core color scheme and don’t try to pretend they are all of a sudden some big Halloween brand. There is a fine line between overdoing it and underdoing it, and thanks to their name-brand recognition, they can afford to underdo it a bit. This is a great example in a lot of ways, but make sure you don’t go too subtle if your brand isn’t instantly recognizable.

4. storEDGE

Subject line: Get an Amazon gift card from storeEDGE

This doesn’t say anything about Halloween or the season. They just get straight to the point, knowing that a lot of people are willing to see what they have to do for a free gift card. Free gift cards are always enticing to at least get people to open the message, which is the entire goal of the subject line. It’s a great Halloween subject line without even being one.

Halloween email campaign offering an Amazon gift card in exchange for a demo form submission.
Halloween email offering an Amazon gift card in exchange for a demo form submission. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Why it’s so sweet

There is nothing to make you think this will be an email based on the brand name. So, they use an image immediately, one that invokes Halloween but is still friendly and inviting. Their title also makes you think of trick-or-treaters and the copy is a play on Halloween not just being for kids, and not just being about candy.

They have a “treat” for you, which is a common play this time of year, and they say there are no “tricks” here either, which is another common theme. A lot of brands use the line “No tricks, just treats” or a version of that, which is fine, but just know that being a little more creative can boost you above brands that are all using the same theme.

The CTA is presented in a great way, letting you know this offer is only for a limited time, and the actual button invites you to “Get Your Treat”.

There is nothing complex here, just a simple offer that they might have available throughout the year, but they repackage it and present it along with the Halloween theme.  

What could they have potentially done better?

The backdrop could be a little more inviting or play on the theme a bit more. They could also have presented a bit more about why you should take them up on their offer.

5. Canva

Subject line: Get into the spooky spirit!

Sometimes going the simple route is the most effective. Canva simply encourages their audience to join in on the Halloween season (without even saying Halloween) and says it in a tone that is friendly, something a real person would actually say to a friend of theirs even. It has impact without reinventing the wheel.

Halloween email newsletter from Canva.

Why it’s so sweet

Here it is, probably the most common title/header that we see, “No tricks, just treats”. It’s used a lot for a reason, it lets the audience know exactly that this has something to do with a good offer with nothing misleading, and it will be in the Halloween theme.

Canva isn’t necessarily a Halloween brand either, but they show how you can use them to create your own Halloween newsletters or posters. They show actual examples and images of what they offer, how it is holiday themed, and how you can customize them yourself easily. They even present a great question, “How will you make them your own?”

What could they have potentially done better?

Though the title makes you think Halloween, the imagery behind it doesn’t. It almost looks like candy, maybe, but it is a wasted opportunity to use either color scheme or themes that are more in-line with Halloween.

They go a little too hard on the Halloween language with the “sickeningly sweet look” which is using Halloween language, but not in a very great way. They do it again with “loads of scary templates” at the bottom, but it’s a good chance to present the CTA a second time.

They use their main color throughout, but we would have liked to see them go with something Halloween or even Autumn/seasonally related instead of purple. The examples they show are what really drive home the point, and even though the copy is just fine, the email could be more impactful with more imagery near the top before they get into the copy.

6. LendingTree

Subject line: Let us help you get rid of all your credit card debt…      

Lending Tree has one thing they can do for you, and they know exactly who this offer is for, so they don’t blend in any Halloween subject line copy or themes. They present something plenty of people need help with – getting out of debt – and offer to be helpful.

Halloween email offer from Lendingtree.
A halloween email offering help with clearing your debts. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Why it’s so sweet

The headline and the subhead go together very well, and play off the word “magic”. They make sure you know they have a real, practical solution, not some magic gimmick, but their solution is so easy and so great, it will feel like magic.

They give a great image of a cauldron, which is Halloween themed as well, and they put their CTA all right there at the top.  

Each of the four items that follow don’t use Halloween words, but they use icons/images that invoke the Halloween spirit. This is a strong email for their brand, using Halloween imagery, without overdoing it. They don’t stay on the theme and keep using convoluted copy or trying to squeeze in more Halloween, they use regular copy with what they have to offer, just with some images.

In their own words, this was their “attempt to add some humor and levity to the fairly serious topic of debt, while also having a little fun with a Halloween themed design.”

What could they have potentially done better?

Although it’s strong to start, the four images don’t seem to have anything to do with the copy next to them. That relationship could have been a bit stronger and they could have come back around to tie in the theme from the headline again, but overall they stay in their lane and take advantage of the season.

7. Lush

Subject line: Something wicked this way comes

This doesn’t necessarily let you know what the email will contain, and it even makes you pause a moment because do you want something wicked? Could it be perceived as negative? Yet, the brand knows that wicked will conjure images of Halloween, and that wicked could mean something really cool, which will get an open.

Slightly secretive halloween email from Lush. Source: ReallyGoodEmails

Why it’s so sweet

Here’s a brand that does have some Halloween offerings, but they also tweaked some of their products to make them more Halloween-y, such as the green bath bomb, which isn’t a Halloween product but with a name or perception change, it magically is now.

The brand does a good job having their name and their links at the top of the message, and the title is great in that they are telling you, “This is Halloween.” It’s simple, and offers a lot of interpretations, and ultimately it invites you to read and consume the entire email to know what ‘is Halloween’.

The items they present all fit together, and each one has the CTA under it inviting the reader to go shopping. Each one makes you feel the good emotions that come with Halloween, instead of something wicked. The bottom of the email does a great job presenting who they are and what they are all about with some quick icons, then they invite you to find your closest physical store, or just visit the website. That follows with their social media channels, and where to get their app.

What could they have potentially done better?

The title could be up a little higher to make sure anyone who opens the email sees it immediately. If someone doesn’t scroll this message, they may never even get the great Halloween imagery and theme.

The white backdrop is a bit plain and could have been better used with some extra color or imagery there. We would have liked them to use a bit different CTAs instead of the same four under the products to entice different people to click, even if they direct to the same place. Maybe a Halloween icon or image next to their brand name at the top to enforce that this is a Halloween email.

Halloween email best practices

Fall is barely even here yet it’s still the best time to plan and start sending ahead of time, allowing plenty of opportunity for customers to prepare and order early.

As you can see, nearly anything can be made into the Halloween theme with some great copy, simple imagery, and even just rebranding something to associate it with the season somehow.

There are ample opportunities to send Halloween emails, and for us, this is one of the best times to capitalize on a season because there isn’t the pressure associated with Halloween that there is with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Christmas.

Halloween, though centered around spooky images and scary movies, is mostly about the positivity of being a kid, enjoying an evening with friends, splurging on candy, and feeling like all is well with the world.

So, let’s get going!

Here’s what you need for your best Halloween email:

  • Create a great color scheme. (Hint: A tools like Coolors can help you generate one.)
  • Create a catchy Halloween subject line.
  • Curate some content, don’t just rely on a Halloween sticker or label.
  • Be creative! Just like those costumes from your childhood, get creative.

How to send Halloween emails with GetResponse

Step 1. Sign up for free & log in.

Step 2. Click Create Newsletter, pick a template, and customize it to your liking

Free email templates you'll find inside of GetResponse Email Creator.
Here are some of the free email templates you’ll find inside of GetResponse Email Creator.
Overview of the new GetResponse Email Creator.

Step 3. Import your list & send your Halloween newsletter away!

As you can see, we love finding examples of a great Halloween email. Along with this scary good resource 😉 you can take advantage of the new GetResponse Email Creator packed full of tons of seasonal and holiday themed templates for you to choose from and customize to your liking.

Now you have everything you need to create a fantastic Halloween email – it’s not so tricky now, is it?

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