10 Steps to Seamless Inbox Delivery [INFOGRAPHIC]
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10 Steps to Seamless Inbox Delivery [INFOGRAPHIC]

A few weeks ago we published a free whitepaper that described ways to improve your inbox delivery. For your convenience, you'll also find it at the bottom of this article. It was so popular that we decided our users might like a handier format, so we created a shorter version of the 10 steps that are absolutely essential to your email deliverability success. Keep it handy and use when needed!

10 Steps to Seamless Deliverability

Did you know that according to recent research by MarketingSherpa, one in six emails will not reach its destination — i.e. the subscriber’s inbox? Those that don’t will have been blocked by a spam filter, making even the world’s most beautiful email template useless.

The good news is, this can be changed. And with our experience in providing +99% deliverability, we know how to change it.

Of course, we want you to know, too. So we came up with a “shortlist” of the essential steps and even decided to make it more “user-friendly”. An infographic seemed perfect.

Let’s face it — this will require some effort on your part. But you’ll soon see that the results are completely worth it. So make this infographic a checklist for avoiding deliverability issues.

If you want to learn more about how to improve deliverability and get to know detailed tactics, download our free deliverability success guide below.

Oh, and let us know how you like it!

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